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The mith about the farmer and the Lagil

This short poem is a well-known children story. It is short and concise, and a favourite among teachers. It was either originated in a school, or just a real farmer that had a real experience.


Once there was a farmer, that was doing his job, watering his plants, when he saw a Lagil in his fields. He stopped his rover and grabbed the little thing. The Lagil felt it as an attack, as it bit the farmers finger. The farmer could have been angry at the creature, but since he was a wise man, he decided to calm down and give it a second chance.   He extended his arm, again trying to reach the creature. It was going to bit the farmers finger again, but it thought about it, as it released the farmers finger. The Lagil then climbed into his shoulder, as a sign of thankfulness. The Lagil and the farmer then became best friends, as it is said that when one died, the other did.

Historical Basis

There is no evidence that the story is either true or false, and even if it was false, people would keep telling the story to their children. It probably started as a real story, but since there are no proves that it is real, it is just a myth.


The mith is spread all over the galaxy, but specially in those worlds in The Core.

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