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Bamora's Sacrifice


There are three Gods(desses): Denira, God(dess) of the Above, Bamora, God(dess) of the Center, and Faveira, God(dess) of the Below. Denira was foolish and naive, Faveira was cruel and unkind, but Bamora was a kind soul. Bamora was bored with the nothing of the world and brought forth life, the People of Ore. But when they showed it to their siblings, Denira and Faveira found interest in Bamora's creation. They imagined what they could endure, how fun it's be to play with them. Denira caused storms and hurricanes, and Faveira brought up volcanoes from deep below the surface of the Earth. Bamora grew afraid of what they'd do to their precious life, and formulated a plan to save it. A crystal, Bamora created a crystal that could kill Gods and placed it in Earth's soils, ushering the People of Ore into underground caves where they'd be surrounded by it. But to place it, it required Bamora themself to walk of the surface. They were covered in crystal until there was nothing left but a statue, and the people were safe.

Historical Basis

The myth details the religious origin of Oratic Crystal. This is not the actual origin of Oratic Crystal, but instead the People of Ore's way of explaining it.

In Sutol Derei there is an oddly humanoid mass of Oratic Crystal, but it's highly debated whether this is where the myth originated or if it was carved in honor of the myth.

The LAO word for Oratic Crystal is Ora, which comes from Bamora's name.

Speaking of LAO, the origin of the language is that the symbols were based on the patterns seen in Oratic Crystals, but the sounds that were applied to those symbols were based on the names of the Gods(esses). Deni (D-Eh-N-Ih) is built of topmost consonant symbols and vertical vowel symbols, Bamo (B-Ah-M-Oh) is build of centermost consonant symbols and horizontal vowel symbols, and Favei (F-Aa-V-Ei) is built of bottommost consonant symbols and half vowel symbols, in reference to their titles as Gods(desses) of the Above, Center, and Below.


The myth is known by all Children of Ore, and it tends to be one of the first stories told to child in Sutol.

Variations & Mutation

Because there is no differences between sexes in language, it is unknown and disputed what sexes the Gods(desses) were originally depicted as. However, it is likely that they were never given genders since the People of Ore do not care for that sort of thing.

Outside of Sutol, sometimes Faveira and Bamora are switched, the logic being that they live underground, so the God(dess) of the Below must be the one who created the crystal.

Cultural Reception

The story is important to the identity of the Mone, who is believed to have a spiritual connection to the God(dess) Orel, which is supposedly the child of Bamora and is the godly manifestation of Oratic Crystal.

In Art

Depictions of Bamora's Sacrifice can be found all over walls in Sutol, but it is considered disrespectful to build of sculpture of it because they became a sculpture themself.
Date of Setting
Pre-Ancient Sutol
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