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Joann and the Spirit

The story of a girl who discovered her inner strength


"Tell and spread your story, so you too can help someone become as great as you've become."
— The Spirit, to Joann

There are many traditions passed down through the generations of the Lionhart Family. Among them, there is a story that's been told for a couple of centuries to inspire the children, a story about a girl who discovered her inner strength: Joann and the Spirit.


Joann was a lonely girl in a cruel world. She lived in the streets, had no family and no one to look out for her. One day, while she was crying in an alley, a spirit came and reached to her. It asked her "Why are you crying, little girl?", to which she replied "Because I am alone.". The spirit then approached and made her a promise, that it would lend her its strength to reach her dreams, but in exchange, she had to work her best and never let herself be taken down. She accepted the offer.

She felt revitalized, and for years she fought her way up in life, trusting the spirit's promise. Joann eventually met people who cared for her and embraced her as family, and when she realized... Her dedication had made her already famous around town. Everyone looked up to her and smiled when around her, and the young woman was alone no more.

One day, the spirit returned. She thanked it, kneeling and bowing in gratitude, and asked it how she could repay.
"Stand up, child, you don't owe me anything - I did nothing, I never lent you any power. You did all this yourself, with only your own strength and conviction." it said. But it still asked one more favor: "Tell and spread your story, so you too can help someone become as great as you've become."

And so she did.

Historical Basis

This story was made up and first told by Amice Lionhart for her children. It is speculated she created it based on her own story and the internal struggles she had, but whether or not there is a truth to that, it was a secret she kept to herself.


As the family grew and some members spread from the main branch, so did this fairytale. It is now a fairly common story among the Archani, though nothing like the tradition it is among the Lionharts.

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