Tale of Aevar


A tale created wrote by a knight named Aevar, that hailed from a small dukedom of Empire of Frankia. He was already an old man, a veteran that grew restless and irritated by politics he disliked. He went on a journey, hoping to see world a bit and, perhaps, find a death that would be... satisfying (though it isn't explicitly stated). The Tale itself is composed of a letters he wrote to a young princess of his dukedom, whom he served as a guardian for years, in which he described his adventurers.   Over time, it was slightly redacted, with some slight errors fixed and entirety made more clear. It became an important historical source, also becoming (in a censored version) a source of many different fairy tales, enjoyed by many children in the Imperium of Karadia to this day.


Very widespread. It reached pretty much majority of Western and Southern Karathia, often encountered in Northern Arrica and even the Central Karathia.

Variations & Mutation

With the passing ages many stories gained their local variants and many new, completely unrelated stories. With the history of Aevar journeys becoming a sort of all-encompassing story template - many aspiring writers find it easier to use already established characters and background, simply writing new adventure of Aevar of their own device. There are actually some older ones that probably merged with the baseline story, no longer possible to differentiate from the real parts.

In Literature

Many books were written about the knight Aevar and his story, be it historical treaties about the places he visited or the many 'fan-fictions' about his journey. It actually started a quite sizeable tradition of adventure stories in an imperial literature, basically becoming a precursor to a big part of modern literature.

Date of Setting
Late Preimperial Era.


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