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Little Angelo and the Founder

Little Angelo continued to climb The Founder, despite people calling him back from the ground. The wind was picking up, rain started pouring down upon him. While people on the ground were afraid that he would fall off and die, brave Angelo continued his journey upwards. The storm became worse and worse, the people at the bottom of the statue forced to seek shelter at home. That's when little Angelo reached the top. To his suprise, the Founder started talking: "Let's go for a walk, shall we?". - Angelo and the Founder, unkown


Little Angelo and the Founder is a children's tale originating from Velamare. It tells the story how a young boy climber the giant statue, in the middle of a storm. When he reached the top despite the heavy winds, the statue started talking proposing to go for a walk. Little Angelo agreed and the Founder left the harbour. They visited all areas in the known world, before being forced to return after the Founder got wounded, losing his left arm. Upon returning, the Founder simply retook his place and little Angelo went home, never speaking of this day again.

Historical Basis

The story is based on events that are supposedly the reason for the founder losing his left arm in 325 aA. A heavy stormed raged for days, with mists and the bad weather making visibility for poor that it was impossible to see the entrance of the harbour, where the Founder stands, from the main docks. The storm came quickly, taking those that were near the coast by surprise. Supposedly, many children playing near the waterside got dragged into the water. The combination of missing children with an invisible founder that lost his left arm, lead to many stories being woven around the storm. One was popularized, Little Angelo and the Founder.


The story is only really popular in Velamare, although traders have brought it to other coastal cities. While someoutside of Velamare might know the story, or have heard about it, it is far from as widespread as in the city.

In Literature

The story is highly popular and thus many children's books mention it. These books often add their own versions of the places little Angelo visited. The books are sometimes used to tell children about other parts of the world and teach them the basis of geography.

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