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Church of All Gods

The Church of All Gods is the name of a predominant religious movement in human realms. The key principle of the Church is the acknowledgement of all gods registered in its lists. However, there is no requirement for the followers of the Church to worship any of those gods, and only humans are accepted into the Church of All Gods.

Tenets of Faith

There are no rules of conduct for the common people. Everyone is free to worship as many or as few gods as they want to and decide the level of adherence for themselves. In the end, it all comes to the individual gods' opinion on the behaviour of their followers. However, there is a number of regulations imposed on the interactions between the registered gods as well as their followers.   A god should not force the common people into worshipping him or her. They should be held responsible for any crimes committed. Finally, all fights on a religious basis are strictly prohibited unless there is an officially recorded blood feud between the gods or their allies. The goal of all those rules is to ensure the peaceful nature of the religion when concerning humans.


Even the smallest settlements often have one or several altars dedicated to different gods. Although the expected rituals depend on the god, in most cases it is simply a matter of looking after an altar and collecting donations for the passing clerics and paladins. The amount of effort paid to it is the prime argument deciding whether the settlement or person would receive help from the god's servants, as well as the competition or friendship between different gods.   Due to the nature of it, most smaller settlements dedicate their altars only to the strongest gods whose servants often pass by. Alternatively, many clerics decide to settle down and take one or several villages under their care, building a permanent temple and often establishing regular practices. Such local worships are the main source of power for the majority of the gods.
Religious, Organised Religion
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