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We sailed West—not knowing if there was even something worth sailing to. We would have made a great discovery to simply sail back to the other end of Macai, but instead, we found something so much more...We just had no idea how much."
— Marco Nosticalla,

Etrul is the smallest continent on the world of Zentrem. It is located northeast of the continent of the Feylands across the Ocean of Nosticae and separated from the continent of Macai to the west by the Crestalyan Seas.


The northern regions of Etrul feature a balance of jungle and forest biomes. In the south of the island, grasslands mixed with jungles dominate. The continent boasts at least ten-thousands miles of beaches around the continent's perimeter.

It has four major rivers which intersect and provide division to continent's major regions.
  • River Or’siel (Also known as the She-nac River): A river in Etrul's southwestern quadrant.
  • Etrulac River: The namesake river of the continent. It runs horizontally from the west to the east of the continent, intersecting Etrul's midpoint; terminates into Lake Orn’yon in the continent's eastern quadrant.
  • Mastahrn River: A river in the northeastern quadrant of Etrul that flows southwestward into the Etrulac River.
  • Fastaras River: A tributary river of the Etrulac River originating from the center of the continent and flows south.
Etrul is surrounded by major saltwater bodies with the Ocean of Nosticae to the west and the Crestalyan Seas to the east. The largest landlocked body of water is Lake Orn'yon located in eastern Etrul. Lake Rolan-ten and Lake Lospardi are the next two largest bodies of water, located in central and western Etrul, respectively.

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