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I had thought us greatly fortunate to have secured an encampment on the banks of Lake Orn'Yon. We did not want for food nor freshwater, and we possessed a good vantage regarding possible intruders traveling by the rivers. However, I came to realize that I had thoroughly underestimated the boons of our positioning. One day, as an attendant gathered water for the day's events, she reported the presence of numerous crystals scattered on the banks. Upon closer inspection, we believed them to be gems and were thoroughly excited at the prospect of treasure so close to our base. However, Master Oskar informed me of their underlying magical nature after further study. Right now, we know that they can, amazingly enough, substitute the material components for spells; though, their rarity still seems problematic to monetize them for that purpose. However, we remain unsure of the extent of these crystals' benefits. If my theories are correct, then the crystalsyst may still usher in something much more...
— Wyatt Kein


Material Characteristics

Crystalysts, true to their name, take on the appearance of solid crystals. The sizes vary, appearing as small as a pebble to hefty chunks that require at least two hands to lift and move. Crystalysts' colors also vary but match up with the environment in which they were found, typically blues, greens, and grays to reflect the bodies of water and the banks they usually wash out upon.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Crystalysts can be heated or cooled but do not seem to hold temperatures beyond a minute. They do not exude any smell or taste, and they feel smooth to the touch. The crystals seem resistant, if not immune, to most types of elemental (fire, lightning, cold, etc.) and energy (force, necrotic, etc.). Regular tools also require magical augmentation to affect crystalysts, except for bludgeoning sources which can shatter it to pieces regardless of enchantments.

Mage scholars have found that crystalysts are imbued with ambient magical energy, which serves as the source for their durability to non-physical sources. However, the present magic in the material also allows it to substitute components in certain types of magical processes. Furthermore, physically breaking apart a crystalyst has resulted in very minute emissions of presumably magical energy.

Geology & Geography

Crystalysts have only been found in the island continent of Etrul. Within the landmass, crystalysts have specifically appeared only on the banks of Etrul's inland rivers and bodies of water. Some divers have claimed that crystalysts can also be found at the bottom of these bodies of water.

1 gp per lb.
Varies (white, blue, silver, grey)
Common State
Related Locations

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Cover image: Magic Crystal by Asano-nee


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