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To the east of Ulskandar’s central continent of Turoza, across the Estrill Ocean lies the continent of Tafran. The area of Tafran was once all encompassed as part of a single, ancient kingdom, Archaíoí, that long ago collapsed and created a power vacuum that is still being contested over by those who live there.   Turoza’s lack of ocean going boat technology, which restricts their maritime activities to within sight of the coasts, means that there has been little interaction between the peoples of Tafran and Turoza. A handful of Turozan individuals have claimed to have travelled to Tafran, but their stories are for the most part dismissed as being either false or delusional. On the other hand, Korinthos is a constant reminder of the continent of Tafran to the nations of Turoza, and the Hobgoblins of Korinthos retain regular contact across the Estrill Ocean with their homeland.


The continental area of Tafran is not a continuous body of land, but is instead made up of a number of large islands that are gathered around the area of the Kentriki Sea. The largest of these islands are:   Vóreios – A large landmass that sits in the north of Tafran’s continental area. On the whole it has a very Mediterranean style of climate, even at its most northern extremities, thanks to a network of warm streams of water that encircle the island, which are generated by the network of underwater volcanoes off the coast of Vóreios, where Tafran’s continental shelf rubs with that of Turoza’s.   Dytiká – The western most of Tafran’s landmasses, this island is where the homeland of the Korinthian Hobgoblins is located. The island is verging on being barren, with huge tracts of rocky wasteland stretching on as far as the eye can see. This means that fertile land is at a premium on Dytiká, and this was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of Korinthos in Turoza.     Nótos – The last of Tafran’s main islands, Nótos stretches along the southern and up part of the eastern border of the Kentriki Sea. Unlike it’s western neighbour, the island is almost entirely covered in thick jungle, which makes it very difficult for non-natives to establish themselves in the region.
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