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The Huatari plains cover about 200 square miles in eastern Dauro. Claimed by no nation or city-state, these arid lands are home to nomadic tribes and hardy beasts. Locals call it the Edge of Agony, but different people will offer different reasons for the nickname.


Three coalescing lava fields created the plains as they stand today. The resulting terrain is cracked and dark with sparse but varied vegetation. Deep gashes mar the rough landscape, 3-12 feet wide and unfathomably deep. These can be dangerous to unwary travelers who don't watch their step.   At the eastern edge of the plains lies a small shield volcano and a string of spatter cones called Tefrit's Tail. The fissure vents in this area are usually inactive these days. Underlying magma flows fuel some lovely hot springs just beyond the tail -- some open to air, others in shallow caves.   To the south is Calitai's Eye, a brilliant blue lake inhabited by strings of violet algae called Velvet.

Fauna & Flora


  • Talu: With its short, sharp leaves that cut the mouths of livestock, this yellow-green grass is the bane of the nomads.
  • Emberbed: This reddish moss seems to flow up from cracks in the ground, almost like living lava.
  • Kunon: The sweet flesh of this small tree's fruit is the basis for many nomadic dishes.


  • Stonefly: Rumored to be magical in origin, the bite of these insects causes slow paralysis that can lead to death.
  • A'toko: A raptor that some tribes train as hunting animals.
  • Leaphorn: With four long legs and sleek, mahogany-furred bodies, these agile cervids race across the uneven ground of the plains, making spectacular long jumps over chasms.

Natural Resources

The violet algae in Calitai's Eye has two uses that make it a valuable resource. First, it has analgesic properties that make it a popular ingredient in medicine. Second, there is no richer or deeper purple dye. Related, the Eye is considered a holy location; believers make pilgrimages to the lake, often seeking healing by bathing in its waters.
Gutweed makes a good rope fiber, and harvester teams can make steady money collecting and selling it.
Highly prized as a jewelry element, particularly in Gepesh, some of the basalt in the lava field has deep red crystal inclusions.

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Trained war-raptor hunting dogs? Heck yeah. :D I'd love to see more about that

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