The Enclave Of Anoufugor /anɵfuɢoɹ/ (World Congress Base) Geographic Location in Bond108 | World Anvil
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The Enclave Of Anoufugor /anɵfuɢoɹ/ (World Congress Base)

The large island of The Enclave Of Anoufugor in the deep south of Hofelora is home to the Ievahed World Congress. It's location being right in between 2 of the three major contents, it was hotly contested between Rofunoukror /ɹofunɵkɹor/ and _____, until the world congress was established and it was made international territory.


The north of the island is dominated by a large mountain, which shields it from the warmer winds of the ocean currents making it colder than it already would be, as well as making a beautiful cliff sides that are home to sea birds. As you go south, the island is dominated by a large snowy forest, until you reach the tree line of Hofelora towards the southern coast. the snow plains and ice dunes are a favorite destination for adventurers.   There are several bays in the south and small port towns have grown up on the coast home to fleets of icebreakers that clear paths through the ice in the winter, and have for hundreds of years. The western side of the island is near a strong current that brings many migrating animals as well as ships passing by while it's thawed during the warmer months of the year. Meanwhile on the eastern side, the slower waters meandering northwards mean that the coastal waters are less busy, but still full of life.

Fauna & Flora

The island is home to a diverse array of wild doggos, rabbits, the endangered penguins, as well as seals, and other arctic life. As for plants, in the north massive pine trees dominate the forests. Going south however, incredible grass, especially adapted for the polar landscape to extremely well, although seasonally only really visible peaking through the snow in the summer, during the stretch of continues daytime.
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