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Introduction to the Geography of Isidoro

Isidoro at a Glance


Isidoro is a vast continent, in which spans 10 large countries with many varied biomes. Each country has a title used to describe either one of the biomes that it resides in, a key description of something special to the area, or other important infomation.
Isidoro has ten (10) states, each with its own title.

  • Alkast: The Glittering Desert
  • Erbar: The Vast Plains
  • Firdau: The Vibrant Isle
  • Hajev: The Ley Plains
  • Juptmou: The Verdant Siblings
  • Laeksiv: The Forests of Fire
  • Laimala: The Shimmering Tundras
  • Mitzure: The Shattered Isles
  • Piray: The Echoing Canyons
  • Quecel: The Overwhelming Wilds


Isidoro Essential
A basic map of the Isidoro landmass.


  • Arctic/Ice
  • Mountains
  • Tundra
  • Boreal Forest
  • Forest
  • Grasslands
  • Rainforest
  • Scrublands/Shrublands
  • Badlands
  • Desert
  • Volcanic
  • Shallow Sea


One of its main features is that ley lines run all over Isidoro, filling the land with Mana that species of all kinds can tap into; Magical energy runs rampant in Isidoro, and every being can almost always feel the buzz of mana within them.  
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Isidoro is a wide continent, which is home to ten separate territories. The biomes of Isidoro are varied, from blistering deserts to icy tundras--these biomes allow for a wide variety of creatures, both magical and non-magical.

Fauna & Flora

For more information about the Flora & Fauna within Isidoro, please see A Visual Guide to the Species of Isidoro. Within that article one can see and be linked to species of all sorts that live within the varied lands of Isidoro.

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