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Port Lautaganan

You want it, we've got it!


  Need help navigating the ins and outs of Port Lautaganan? Trying to find the perfect gift for a special someone, or trying to find that rare collectors item? When visiting the city, one can easily feel overwhelmed if they don't know where to start. That's what The Shopper's Guide to Port Lautaganan is for! Look no further for a concise summary of what you can find and where to find it!   The New Port
  Shiny and new, this is the place to buy, sell, and find new deals.   Visit if you're: a business owner or merchant, looking to buy in bulk; bring plenty of spending money!
Skip if you're: looking for smaller items or deals; if your purse strings are tight.
  Container Corner
  Tucked away at the fringes of the Old Port, Container Corner is a mix of a traditional market and scavenged housing.   Visit if you're: looking for unique and uncommon items. Be prepared to haggle and trade!
Skip if you're: looking for brand name materials and items; This is not a traditional shopping experience.
  Old Port
  The old remnants of the original shipping ports, Old Port District has been remodeled into upscale housing and lush recreational areas.   Visit if you're: in the market for a home, or want to see historic sights! Gardens and the occasional museum are open to the public.
Skip if you're: here for shopping, not for sight seeing.
  Uptown   Fancy, but affordable. A mix of shops and residential areas, perfect for a quick shopping trip.   Visit if you're: looking for the traditional shopping experience, need to be within five feet of a coffee shop, or want brand name items; Uptown will carry it, or they'll find you someone who can.
Skip if you're: tired of the same old thing over and over; if you're looking for something special, look at Container Corner.
— Pamphlet stuck outside one of the many information centers in Port Lautaganan.

The Districts


The New Port

  New Port is the section of Lautaganan that has replaced the decaying ports that used to be in the Old Port District. This section of town is well away from the homes of residents, a large shipyard for any new products arriving, being stored, and leaving Port Lautaganan.  

Container Corner

  Container Corner is where old discarded or damaged containers used on ships are placed. This section of the town is often used as lower-class housing, and shopping stalls. It could easily be considered to carry the vibe of a stereotypical fantasy marketplace, straight out of a novel.  

The Old Port District

  The Old Port District is a housing and residential section of Port Lautaganan, and houses the 'Old Money' beings that used to be the main traders of Port Lauta. It contains many fancy homes, and the old port has been converted into an elaborate waterfront.  

Uptown Lautaganan

  If you need to be within 5 feet of a coffee shop, Uptown Lautaganan is the place for you. The Uptown is full of smaller homes and businesses. Boutiques and similar shops are open to the public, and is often where most travelers will stop when they pass through Port Lautagnan.

Industry & Trade

Port Lautaganan makes 90% of their money by storing goods, exporting said goods to others, or custom requests from individuals. As a result Port Lautaganan has a reputation for being the place to go to find exactly what you're looking for.   If you're looking for something, Port Lautaganan will have it. If you can't find what you're looking for at the various shops or vendors, there's always someone who knows somebody, who knows a friend, who knows where to get it and how to get it to you.


Port Lautagan is a large port town, with lush grass and bright waters. The east is surrounded by water, and is where the new ports have been opened.
Alternative Name(s)
The Port, Port Lauta, Port with-a-lauta-stuff
Large city
24.18 million
Inhabitant Demonym
Included Locations
Characters in Location

Shopping List  
  • Amulet with Calm & Animal Runes
  • "Adding Alchemy to Cooking" by Currana Mael
  • Alkast Salt
  • Cruanno Peppers
  • Phoenix Feather
  • Mimicute (Purple or Bubblegum Morph)
  • Dragon Egg Drake Egg Not HERE.
  [A note in a different handwriting is scrawled underneath the list]   Ask for 'Maron' in Container Corner, he'll get you what you need.

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