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Veronica Elwood

(a.k.a. Miss Market)

She sat at her desk, tapping her well manicured nails against the oak as she watcher her men drag her next client in. He was harshly plopped into a chair, and the bag pulled off of his face. The light was harsh above them, and it was hard to tell where he was. "Now, I believe you wanted to...What was it? 'Discuss the purchase of a very rare and illegal item'?," Veronica used her fingers in air quotes as she spoke. "You wouldn't last a damn day on the port with how loud and obvious you ask your questions."


Veronica Elwood is a vampire and is known almost entirely by various aliases that the black market gives her. One of which, is the more common and subtle Miss Market. She is known for running the shippment of goods in the Black Market of Port Lautaganan. Evading the law and making a profit has been her agenda for years, and so far no one has managed to catch her with enough evidence linked to her to put her under arrest.  

Life of Crime

Not much is known by law enforement about Veronica Elwood, but those in the black market circles know of Veronica's up-bringing. Her father ran the black market before her, and she and her brother we supported and raised by the dark underbelly of the port town. While her brother enjoyed the more...physical aspects, like the stealing of goods, Veronica enjoyed bartering and finding what people wanted. They eventually took over, with Veronica taking the buisness side and her brother Oliver taking over the side that didn't involve numbers and business.
Current Location
Known Languages


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