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The Whispering Vale

The Whispering Vale is a thinly populated human frontier. The vale stretches nearly 350 miles east to west and averages about 100 miles north and south. Numerous small mountain ranges, thick forests, some hills and a swamp form the natural boundaries of the vale. The climate of the area is largely temperate, with Cold winters and mild summers. The forests that cover much of the northern half of the vale are lush green areas, abundant with life.


North of the valley stretch The Barringrock Mountains , and to the south is an offshoot of The Havershaw Mountains . In the southwestern corner of the vale, at the base of the Havershaws lies Romstone Swamp . Fallberry Lake  is nestled at the southern edge of the Barringrocks on the northern side of the vale. Finally to the east lie The Grim Hills .

Fauna & Flora

The forests of the vale are home to a plethora of woodland creatures while Fallberry lake provides an abundance of freshwater fish. The soil of the plains is also very fertile and the farmers in the vale are able to grow most any crop.   There is a growing number of goblinoids migrating into the area recently as well. This is a strange and disconcerting event for the humanoid residents of the many small towns and villages spread throughout the vale.

Natural Resources

The mountains around the vale are rich in metals such as iron, tin, and copper. More precious metals such as gold and silver are also available, though not in nearly the abundance of their lesser valued cousins. Lumber is available in large quantities from the dense forests in the northern half of the vale. The forests and plains also produce a cornucopia of plants and herbs for uses in cooking, healing, and alchemy.

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