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The Great Rift of Zahkeerum

This chasm was formed as an after effect at the end of the Mage Shift. The titanic ley line running beneath the area had a small rupture, blasting through with arcane force, imbuing the debris and land around the rupture with magical energy. After the end of the Mage Shift, the College of Deep Magic claimed this territory so that none of the other colleges could harness or use this power against them. Several rope bridges link most of the larger floating islands together, serving as access between the various towers built upon the islands.


Sheer cliffs lead down to an unseen bottom of this gorge. A faint pulsing light of varying colors is the only thing that breaks the darkness. Large floating islands of rock and vines drift slowly above the chasm; bobbing and swaying in some unseen current. The river that once ran across the rift now flows through the air, winding around the various island, looping around itself in normally impossible directions.

Fauna & Flora

Bright blue grass covers the floating islands. Great, twisted trees of vibrant pulsing colors grow upon the islands; their roots digging through the rock, ever downward into the chasm to drink from the magical energy pulsing through the air. Animals tend to stay away from the area around the rift; only those brought in by the mages can be found there, most of which come from the Feywild, already attuned to living within such high concentrations of arcane energy.

Natural Resources

An field surrounds the rift that amplifies all magic within the area. The titanic ley line that created the rift is tapped by those that use ley line magic. The trees that grow upon the islands prove quite powerful in the use of creating magical staves, rods, and wands.
Gorge / Rift
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