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Stone Divide

A large mountain range dividing Tall Wood and The Barrens. The homeland of the dwarves on Rimosus and the seat of their power with the dwarven kingdom of Noain owning the entire territory.


A large and high mountain range with both hot and cold springs are common among the rough rocks of granite that the mountain is made of. two massive springs one cold the other hot both sport a large settlement next to them to allow for the transportation of the different waters to the other settlements in the kingdom.

Fauna & Flora

Snow leopards are the common predator stalking beast and man alike among the rocks they have evolved to have a slight red tint to help blend in with the granite stones of their habitat. Mountain Aurochs have made their home here small herds migrate around the mountain eating the sparse shrubs and grass. many small rodents make their home here easily hiding in the rocks and holes littering the landscape protecting them from predators.   plants are uncommon here. grass and small shrubs are rare and tough the dwarves who live here farm mushroom in underground caverns to feed themselves with any fruits or vegetables farmed outside the area being rare delicacies along with meat from the animals in the area.

Natural Resources

heated and cooled water from the various springs in the mountain including the two major ones. large slabs of ice that are sold to other locations. aluminum that the dwarves use to make their high quality mirrors for both war and beauty use. Granite makes up the vast majority of stone within the area and is used in most of the structures. High quality silica is found around the base of the mountain and in deposits underground allowing for the dwarves specialty in making glass and lenses.
Mountain Range
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