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The Giant's Way

Where the legendary Cor shuffled off this mortal coil

A giant named Cor came this way,
Seeing new lights before the day,
But oh, now near twelve o'clock,
Cor's skull, oh dear, hit a rock,
And so Cor breathes his final breath,
Lying down, his life now death.

The Area

The Giant's Way is a large bay that seems to be shaped somewhat like a boot, leading in from the Wayward Waters. This bay holds little more than a few towns, however, it is the resting place of a legendary giant named Cor, who tripped over a boulder and cracked his skull open.   There are more than a few versions of the story called Cor's Folly, as well as a town of the same name. Similarly, on the shores of the Giant's Way, sits the town of Corstone, named as such for it is the place whereupon Cor's skull impacted the rock that killed him.  


The Giant's Way is famous for the abnormally large fish caught there. These fish are not ridiculously large but are very obviously not the correct size. For instance, if a goldfish from outside the Giant's Way is six inches long, one from within the Giant's Way would be nine inches long. It's believed that Cor's bone marrow is seeping into the waters and causing extra growth within the sea creatures there.   Because of this phenomenon, the Giant's Way attracts many fishermen and the towns on its shores do a good trade with further towns and lands. Many of the tourists who visit the area consider it a necessity that they catch one of the infamous giant fish.
Shoreside Towns
Cor's Folly
Fi's Rest
Upper Barniss
Lower Barniss


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Jul 5, 2018 09:33 by Benjamin Andula

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