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Terrassa is an earth like planet designed to be contained within a vast multiverse. The settings contained in this world are mid to low fantasy with a black-powder and air ship level of technology. The geography runs the gamut between sprawling city spaces, overbearingly dense jungles, and vast deserts.


The geography of Terrassa is highly varied. An original supercontinent, broken up by tectonic flow split into 6 major, sea surrounded continents, and numerous islands. The continents are as follows
  • Lactsplein - A lake riddled land projection from the world's northern ice cap. Full of lakes, marshes, tundras and a significant of arable, but difficult terrain.
  • Lounder - A wide continent with small mountain ranges and steppes in the middle, contains significant arable land.
  • Dore - A large land mass divided in half by both a steep mountain range and a large inland bay.
  • Argental - Another large landmass located almost entirely in the southern hemisphere
  • Soroto - A continent featuring a wide range of terrain, it contains the world's largest lake.
  • Stratis - A long and thin continent featuring a long mountain range down most of its length.

Many of the continents surround tropical seas. Temperate, arable land is at a premium though many nations are sea-faring. Tropical storms in most of the world's oceans are mild. Though storms that form in the open area of the world's single large ocean can be devastating. Tornadoes can form easily in some of the more wide and temperate to subtropical land masses, and volcanic activity is frequent.
Several mountain ranges, deserts, and otherwise dangerous and inhospitable terrains divide the continents and peoples of Terrassa. Many of the current geopolitical entities are tied heavily to regional dependencies and geography.

Fauna & Flora

As of now there are no unique forms of flora and fauna outside of what would be found on earth and the D&D multiverse.

Natural Resources

Ichor is a unique resource to Terrassa which can impart magical power and unique physical properties.
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