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Sometimes referred to as Mageblood, Ichor is a difficult to obtain, mystical natural resource with a multitude of uses.


Material Characteristics

Ichor in its raw state is a viscous black ooze. It thickly coats anything dipped into it with an oily, difficult to remove film.

Physical & Chemical Properties

In its raw form, Ichor is a fairly inert substance. It retains heat well and becomes less viscous at higher temperatures. When cooled the substance seizes up into an almost solid.


The primary compound that Ichor is used to create is Aerofill, a lighter than air gas.

Geology & Geography

Ichor is primarily found in areas of high geological activity, unfortunately this means that it is frequently difficult to find and access.

Origin & Source

The origins of Ichor have yet to be determined, all that is known that it comes from under ground, and the heat of the earth pushes it to the surface.

Life & Expiration

It is unclear if Ichor ever truly expires when stored correctly. In open air the surface of the material can oxidize and dry.

History & Usage


Ichor was originally viewed as a useless, dangerous substance. Most suited to trapping careless adventurers in pits where they would starve to death. Until its refinement


The process of refining Ichor is dangerous if profitable. The substance must be distilled in large distillation vats and the byproducts captured.


Ichor distillation vats have a tendency to explode and cover everyone nearby in burning, irremovable Ichor if improperly managed.

Environmental Impact

Cities in which Ichor production is prevalent are marked columns of dark smoke.


Trade & Market

Trade of Ichor is mostly handled by Guilds and governments due to the difficulty in finding, storing and transporting the material.


Ichor must be stored in metal or glass containers designed to hold liquid.

Law & Regulation

Governments who have found the usefulness of Ichor have frequently declared imminent domain over wherever the substance is found within their borders.
Room temperature Ichor has very little smell but heated it leaves off a subtle egg-y smell.
Those unfortunate enough to try tasting Ichor have been left with an almost inescapable bitter film in their mouth that persisted for days.
Ichor is almost universally black. When spread onto a light surface a slight brownish hue can be seen.
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