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The world of the Divided

The Divided is a planet like earth. There are four contenets two are land. Another is in the air one is in the ocean. There is a set of islands called the abyss, every person that has gone in has never came back. There is one last island called ghost island no one dares to go.


The floating content is a floating content in the air coved by a cloud. Most of the people that live there are winged creatures, but every now and then you will find maybe a Kenku or a native human. There is the big capitol called vendorerc which has shops, a castel and tourist attractions like the statue of king siton the third.   The island of the abyss and ghost island have no information, but the island of abyss is covered by a dark cloud   the vortex is a place that takes you to a place under the sea. Sea creatures fish and some humans who got stranded there sea dragons some times go there.there is allot of stones some glow some float there is all so gold they used the floating stone to make weird vehicles there is also a breathing stone they use to make air bubbles as big as a city!   There are two country's one is called land of beasts. Beasts and nature grow there it is a beautiful site. Elves,earth creatures and deadly plants live the center a tower that is pretty stone work is on the outside. The second country called the land of fire and ash monsters of fire and lava creatures. There are ten large volcanos and most dragons lived there a giant castle is in the middle of the country.   People usually speak commman,Terran,infernal,aqua,ouran and beast.

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