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Introduction to Geography

This repository has everything that you may need to understand our natural part of our world. I personally assess each place of our world to not only help others understand it, but to also allow us to make accurate interpretation of it. This section is split into two categories: Physical and Sapien Geography. Each is run separately and have their own method of examination. Feel free to look around. There has to be something that will interest you.
— Archivist Wavesail.


As many of you know is the study of physical and sapien features across space. Geography is essential in understand the inner workings of our little home. The following features and topics are important to know before exploring further.  




The continent is referred to as Tornaka form the old language of the Ancient Tongue. Roughly translated it means "the one" or "important, singular". In general this is the only known continent to exist in the world. Explorers have set out, but none have returned. The island of Airithrea is debated among geographers on whether it could be considered its own continent, but as of now it is considered a subcontinent of Tornaka.   Tornaka is extensive and contains multiple types of climates and creatures. We recommend you examine the regions tab to find out more about them.   Airithrea is a subcontinent of Tornaka, but many just consider is large island of the coast. It used to be surrounded by a power ward preventing creatures form passing through it.  


  While the scientific and magical community have debated is the Theory of Celestial Orbit which depicts us as the center of the known universe instead of the solar and lunar planes in the sky. However, whether or not our plane is circular or flat is widely debated due to the inconsistencies in information. In whatever case, our plane is referred to as Mordanas. this is Ancient Tongue, but even The Linguistic Code was not able to produce a correct translation.   In general the size is something that we have yet to measure. It's predicted that Tornaka is about 1/4 of the total land mass of the world and another 1/4 is the ocean. The other 1/2 is still unaccounted for and demands more investigation, but till proper funding can be found to produce a quality expedition then it will likely not happen.  


  Planes of existence are numerous and some have yet to be discovered or explored. Each plane has it's own set of natural laws that are always followed. This can make planer travel difficult and dangerous if unprepared. However, planer travel has been banned by the Imperium due to the dangers they pose.   Mordanas is our plane where the Imperium resides and the sapien creatures of our world. We believe it is the center of the multiverse.   The Celestial plane is broken up into two phases a Solar and Lunar cycle which we can see in our sky. It is currently unknown how to reach this plane, but many have studied it from our plane.   The Dreamscape is a plane that we only visit in our dreams. Inhabited by the Veryas, the plane does not follow any sort of natural laws that our own planes follows.   Other planes are believed to exist as we can see them from within the Celestial Plane, but it is unknown how to reach them or to find them.  


  The people of our world can create wondrous things from shrines to massive towers. These centers of creation are examined here under this section.  


  Cities are the fundamental building blocks of a civil society. Any size will do as they all alter the culture of the world as a hub people visit to exchange ideas and goods. Here is the only city that is worth your time to know.   Aulus (City) is the hub of culture and influence of Imperium. It is connected to culture from all over and is considered the center of world society.
Let me know if you have any trouble in your research. While my main focus of study is linguistics, culture is my secondary. Do not hesitate to ask for help.
— Archivist Renna
Planar Sphere/Grouping


  The following are regions and locations that are expansive.  







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