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Veryas are the only known beings to be made of Raw Magic. Their blood is filled with it and can live within other planes of existence. While some scholars would say they are a minor race, we at the archives believe that they qualify for official status due to their unique culture and economic value.

Basic Information


Veryas stand on two legs and are covered in feathers. Their feathers are a solid white with their irises a light blue. With claws for hands, its makes it difficult to hold things, but they have found ways around it. The physical structure of these creatures is what we would call a raptor like design. they stand upright, but their legs are slightly bent when in a resting stance making their movement somewhat odd. The feet resemble talons as well.

Biological Traits

Their blood is made of Raw Magic thus it has a blue color when harvested. We believe it functions the same way our blood does for us.

Genetics and Reproduction

The species is made up of hermaphrodites, creatures that have both male and female parts. Our research suggests that while in a large body of magic, two different individuals can reproduce. While it is unknown how this occurs, we do know that is takes from about 3 to 11 months to develop a clutch of eggs. we do not know the exact length of time. An egg takes about five years to fully developed before hatching a new Veryas. They hatch straight into adulthood.

Ecology and Habitats

They are beings of pure magic. Magic is in their blood thus need to be in its presence to survive thus our natural world is unfit for them. They can survive a few weeks on our plane, but they must return home or die.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Veryas do not eat in the same way we do. They eat magic by either aspiration or digestion through eating magical beings.

Additional Information

Social Structure

They run a strict autocracy with a strict caste system. While all individuals are equals, one leader leads them while the rest follow. Everyone else is assigned a job which they perform for life. No one job is above the other expect their leader.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Imperium does not support the use or harvesting of said material.  

Veryas Blood

  Veryas Blood is incredibly rare and extremely powerful. When distilled it can be turned into any sort of magic, but retain a liquid state, perfect for alchemy. It alone can bring the dead back to life and even control time and space itself. It's very dangerous.

Average Intelligence

They are extremely intelligent. Magic is a concept that they innately know how to use and understand thus untold fonts of knowledge are born. However, they can't seem to understand the natural world which does come as an oddity. Glenhook Scale 9/10

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have what we call Soul Sight, the ability to sense other living things. With up to 50 ft, they have a general idea of where a specific living creature is standing. It is described as a feeling more than as thought that has to be focused on.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Their names are short and sweet. When spoken it is merely a sound, while written it is a simple in their language which is unique to every individual. There has been some trouble translating, but typically their names could be Ni, Vo, Lu, An, Le, etc.  

Veryas soldier
Soldier by Landylachs

Major Organizations

Sadly they have not formed a large enough centralized government to be recognized as a country by the Imperium. Most of them live in tribes with about 100 individuals.

Average Technological Level

Their technology is something that is an oddity. It's a fusion between Raw Magic and technology which is incredible. From glowing swords to lights that stay lit without fuel, it is something from out of a story. Sadly, most of this technology is not in our plain of existence.  

Planar Travel

  With it being either magical or technological, it is something they have mastered. While the Imperium has discovered the concept of spatial travel, we have yet to find other methods of travel yet. In this way the Veryas are surprisingly special to understand such a foreign and desired concept.

Common Dress Code

They wear cloths as necessity not a preference. Typically they wear pants and some sort of head gear while leaving their upper body exposed. We have no idea why they do this with the reasoning that "it has to be this way."

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The Quiet People

  Their species rarely talks if at all. When they do it sounds like the old chirps of the Aravitourus. Instead they prefer to communicate by touch. With their own unique hand language, they can communicate with each other through gestures. Touch is very important among these people and from an intimate encounter to a friendly one can involve a lot of touching.


History is something they do not believe in. Records of the past are artifacts of what was not will be thus is dangerous. History only repeats if people allow it to be remembered. We at the archives believe it is an inherently idiotic statement, but we respect it all the same. However, we still recorded their history since we have encountered them.  

First Contact

  The year was 3401 when a tear in our reality was created at the Glade of Iris located in Lor-Ta. The Imperium Archives assigned to investigate rumors of strange creatures coming out of nowhere talking seemingly random objects. When we arrived we meet these creatures who had imprisoned one of the Scion's Circle and were entering and leaving our reality at will. We watched and recorded every step they made to figure their purpose. However, they knew we were there. It was impossible to hide from them, yet they didn't seem to mind. After some magical miracles we found a way to communicate with them. After a brief discussion with our Head Archivist, they released the Scion and left never to seen from for some time.   Today they occasional come into our reality to take things for about a day then disappear and we still do not know why. However, relations have improved, and we were able to gather the information you see here about them.

Common Myths and Legends

The Timeless One

  The Timeless One is a once powerful god that lost its power a long time ago. Someday it will return and bless its children, the veryas, to accend. This being is said to be made of Raw Magic and has untold powers of the universe. Pure fiction of course.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Interactions between races hasn't been fully recorded due to the low sample size. We have found a few notable things. They are very shy around the majority of races, but the Aravitourus and Fexians. We don't know why, but they are calm and talkative around them. further study is certainly needed.

Glenhook has met them on many occasions, but likes to keep those conversations under wraps. I don't know why, but maybe it's a cultural thing. Maybe We should ask him?
— Archivist Renna
Scientific Name
Homo Magicae Fons
~30 years
Average Height
2'6" - 3'5"
Average Weight
~ 50 lbs
Average Physique
They are physically weak, Glenhook Scale 2/10.
Related Materials
Veryas miner
Crystal Miner by Landylachs

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Cover image: Crystal Miner by Landylachs


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