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Just beneath Lor-Ta are vast grasslands that hold many mysteries. This is also this region believed to be the birthplace of Yenkisavias and Barcinturattan.


The physical landscape was hilly and rough in many places, but not all. Due to the arid climate, vegetation was limited with much of the vegetation only growing around water reservoirs. Some plants relied completely on the ground water beneath the surface. From the north the desert sands around the region while the south leads the lush vegetation made by the regional storms. The land itself is not suitable for farming for farming and thus is mostly worthless.  

Frozen Ponds

  These geographic oddities are formed by magic of unknown origins. Small ponds are much cooler than the surrounding areas which never subside. Plants and animals gravitate to these ponds to avoid the harsh heat.

Fauna & Flora


  These large predators are dangerous to any who travel through the region. They live in pride with a male as its leader. Males have a large mane that allows them to channel their celestial affinity. Solar males blind their prey and usually leader the pride in hunting. Lunar males, protect their young with dangerosu copies of itself while the females hunt instead.  

Violet Macaw

  Native to the southern reaches of the world, this type of macaw is rare to the world. As one of the few birds that can cast arcane spells, they have been known to heal and protect people who help them. We believe they were once descendants of phoenixes of old. Now only a few remain.

Natural Resources

Never Melt Ice

  Due to the Frozen Ponds, the ice can be harvested and never melt. Perfect for cooling meats and baths. However, it takes about a year to replenish a cup of water, so people should harvest sparingly. The only way to melt the ice is by bathing it in fire for several minutes. This can only happen when it is separated from the pond.

It's rumored that this is were the fexians once had their communities.
— Archivist Renna
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  Beauty: Hard to Enjoy 2 / 5   Resources: Some Value 3 / 5   Danger: Some Danger 3 / 5

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