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This region has a lack of water and life and has a high concentration of necrotic energy. People say this land is very haunted.


This semi-arid climate has been an extension of the plains to the north, but due to the lack of rain blocked by the mountain from the south prevents the region from getting any sort of precipitation. The heat can be sweltering dependent on the amount of rain the land obtains. However, the people here have found ways of cooling down to make life here more bearable. Farming is difficult however.

Fauna & Flora

Dust Devils

  Living dust storms try to suffocate creatures it encounters. We do not know why they do this or where they come from. Further research is needed, maybe they are related to the Melfloor.  


  Moving shadows dance around the firelight late at night. From what we have researched, they are creatures from another plain trying to interact with us in our reality.... Or they are ghosts, but that's not true.

Natural Resources

Ambient Death

  Shards of crystallized death magic are common finds in the wasteland. They are used for enchanting, but they are very dangerous to handle, so they are typically handled by experts only. Sometimes they are connected to the spirits the haunt the land.

Ehh ghosts aren't real... Not even with magic can you make a ghost... It doesn't work that way...
— Archivist Renna
Included Locations


  Beauty: Some Beauty 3 / 5   Resources: Some Value 3 / 5   Danger: Dangerous 4 / 5

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