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Tabbloyn is a region of that has seen much bloodshed. Many wars and battles have taken place here and this historically lawless land has always been a danger. The people here have always been suspicious of outsiders and magic as a result. Today those times are behind this land, but not without the scars from it.


The land is mostly flat and dry. Wind blows frown all the across the land and wipes might wind storms that can destroy entire towns. Rains storms are rare, but when they happen they have been known to drown town, metaphorically of course. This farmland is quite fertile and now the land consists much of this type of land development. However, the population here is somewhat empty compared the other regions. This might be because of the amount of criminals that once roamed these plains.

Fauna & Flora

Plains Chicken

  This chicken is a popular animal to hunt for leisure and food. They are difficult to get due to the loud and dangerous sounds that boom when threatened. The sound they make is made in their large glands on their necks. Their feathers are brown and some orange parts.  

Violet Butterfly

  These special insects are bright purple and are usually for medical ointments. It's believed that these creatures were blessed by the Life Phoenix, Yenkisavias.  

Long Wind Grass

  The grass grows tall and fast compared to many other such grasses. With a average high of about five feet, wildfires are common to burn these all across the plains. The animal life here relies on these grasses for protection and food which makes it an important part of the ecosystem.

These plains have a history. Someday we hope to conduct some expeditions to excavate these battlefields.
— Archivist Renna
Included Locations


  Beauty: Ugly 1 / 5   Resources: Abundant 3 / 5   Danger: Mostly Safe 2 / 5

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14 Sep, 2018 16:46

Out of curiosity, what sort of wars and battles have taken place in Tabbloyn and why?

@ ArchivistRenna
Herminia Renna
14 Sep, 2018 18:25

Tabbloyn has had many years of strife. I was going to list several, but my colleague of history suggested that I mention four defining ones that we have mentioned in the other articles. This was slightly more practical.   1. The Rasselfarian War: The war was fought between the Imperium and the Rasselfall Kingdom, this lasted for ~15 years before it ended. Thousands upon thousands of people died before it would end. It was a very bloody war.   2. The Taegalian Slaughter, was a series of battles that pushed the Otterun completely on the mainland. They had some territory in Tabbloyn which also was scared form the conflict.   3. The War of Despair, while we have not gotten into specifics, The Union of Pellamulara fought here on multiple occasions to liberate the cities in the region.   4. The Bandit Conflict: while not an official war, this was a proxy war that used the many bandit gangs to fight between each other and the civilians who lived here.   Sorry that these were not here to begin with. We are just trying to get all the regions on paper for you first.

14 Sep, 2018 20:36

Oh, it’s fine! Thanks for the information! Appreciate it!

@ ArchivistRenna
Herminia Renna
14 Sep, 2018 21:41

I'm glad to be of service! If you have anymore questions, please, don't be afraid to ask.