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Innra Vellop

Innra Vellop is a region to the far south with dense and lush vegetation all around. The land is typically hilly with precious metals beneath the surface. Some of the vegetation is only native to this region as well.


The landscape it quite hilly which prevents the typical farming practices like that in the north. A form of farming called terracing is used not only to create more farmland, but to also allow the highly water dependent crops to grow safely. It rains quite frequently which creates a lush environment for many plants to grow. The climate is warm and humid only, but the inner continental section of the region does receive some cold weather. The coast it quite rough compared to Lor-Ta with much of the coastline filled with jagged rocks and the sort.

Fauna & Flora

Mist Wood

  Due to the high moisture content within the air, the trees have used this to their advantage. To prevent the Tree Wifflers from heading south since they have no natural predator, the trees produce a mist around themselves. In large numbers it can produce a extremely thick fog, but not any kind of fog. This fog is imbued with Lunar magic making it poisonous to breath. Lucky the mist is only produced when the tree is harmed as a natural response, otherwise the fog will cause paralysis.  

Chameleon Crane

  These cranes can shift their colors of their feathers at will to create a dazzling array of colors to display. Typically, they use it to hunt fish of insects while hidden from sight, however, they have learned to quickly flash these colors to briefly stun a predator or their prey. Completely harmless to us luckily.

Natural Resources

Innra Ore

  Innra, named after the region it’s found in, is an extremely durable metal perfect for weapon and armor production. It naturally protects against magic attacks allowing it double as a protection against the blade and magic while also being quite light. It's found in small pockets just beneath the surface. As a result, farmers are the ones to usually find it.

Such a valued region. the Ore found there has been found nowhere else and is sought after in the Imperium. We hope to establish trade relations in the area in hopes to get more of this resource back to Fairley.
— Archivist Renna
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  Beauty: Wondrous 5 / 5   Resources: High Value 4 / 5   Danger: Some Danger 3 / 5

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