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Geography of Lawold


Lawold was born out of chaos and conflict. Great tectonic plates slamming into each other to create towering mountains and deepening valleys, only to be pressed apart by the same monstrous forces forged the Expant Sea between the two continents of Nainarv to the west, and Carais to the east.   Nainarv to the west became easy to settle and expand across, having only smaller mountain ranges, but wide, swathing plains and full forests with no end of fertile farmland potential and bountiful forests to gather lumber from. To the very North were the tallest mountains on the continent, the Cragsong. Full of dwarves and orcs and giants, most of Nainarv's mineral resources came from these mountains. To the southwest, the Hammerfall mountains were in fact two separate ranges, but joined through legend. The Hammerfall Valley between the two boasts the only road to the port city of Thesadonia. The two ranges of Hammerfall are home to two rival, but not quite warring dwarven bands, claiming both rights to the road, and the trade that moves back and forth.   On the Eastern coast of Nainarv lies the Dagger Hills. Small mountains that overlook the whole Ashen plain to their west, a vast wasteland that used to be a thriving plain, now dead and lifeless save for the small farms that have sprung up around the village of Oakhurst thanks to a still-flowing river, the Mugbud.   The southern mountains of Nainarv are full of rumor and ghost stories. The ring of mountains, known as the Pale Palisades, are said to be a region inhabited only by the dead of the long forgotten war between the gods. None venture in, and surely no one has ever come out. What lies at their center is purely myth and speculation, from a mass grave of a billion corpses, to unlimited wealth, to the sanctum of the very gods themselves, still fighting their war.   Across the Expant Sea to east lies the war-torn continent of Carais. Numerous towering mountain ranges make this continent wealthy in hard mineral resources, enough so that one kingdom is attempting to control the entire continent. The largest, longest, tallest mountain range on all of Lawold that stretches from the west coast to the east of Carais are the Kingsblood mountains. The highest peak, towards the middle of the range is called King's Cairn, just southeast of the capital city Dominus.   To the south, the Lorenai mountains lead to the kingdom fighting for its survival from the Dominus empire. The high mountains provide a natural fortification, as well as a wealth of resources to sustain a long besieged army. The Plains of Tranquility to the east of these mountains lead to the Ketma Sea.
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Aug 3, 2018 12:00 by Johann Duarte

I like the mystery of what may be inside the Pale Palisades. The fact that it's a ring of mountains is very interesting too.