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Geography of Thravil

Covered mostly in water, Thravil features two main land masses. To the north, the continents of Ecus and Gronin, and to the south, the mysterious jungles of Ophux.   The rest of the world is unexplored, and it is unknown where Ophux ends: if it is similarly sized to the northern continents or if it covers the entire Southern Hemisphere. Similarly, it is unknown if there are any other notable land masses.



Ecus is a varying land. To the west, a vast mountain range, and to the west vast regions of wetlands. Lakes are sporadic, and the largest lake in the world, the Napyc Expanse, lies at it's centre.   The climate of Ecus is humid, temperatures varying across the continent. It often rains, and in the northern parts, it is known to snow in Winter.  


Gronin is a land of rolling plains and frosty tundra. Always cold, the land is sparsely populated with trees, increasing in density the further south one goes. It has a pair of forests in the south, and the east is heavily mountainous surrounding the Frostbite Pass.   The climate is cold and, like much of Thravil, humid. It frequently rains throughout the year, and snows in the colder seasons. Temperatures lower the further north the further one travels.  


The violent, rocky, north coast of Ophux quickly leads to a tropical jungle. Treacherous to travel through, no expedition has successfully travelled past the jungle, although some have reported sights of mountains in the far distance.   The observed weather is significantly warmer than people are used to, and tropical rainfalls can last days at a time.

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4 Jul, 2018 17:29

I like the descriptions for each region of your world and how they are unique in there own way!. Keep up the good work !

4 Jul, 2018 17:34

Very nice and succinct article. I'm typically a fan of monochromatic styling and I think it may work well for you. One suggestion would be your header styles -- I would remove the horizontal line under the lesser headers under Geography. Use the horizontal line for separating large sections like maybe Geography, Flora & Fauna, Major Landmarks, etc. Great job, keep up the good work!

4 Jul, 2018 17:46

I like the sense of mystery and the unknown/ the untamed