The Gilded Mountains

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The Gilded Mountains is a part of a larger series of mountain ranges that crest the northern tip of Fyria. It is located in the Empire of Aldelgis and the popular resort village of Culdaer lies at its base, using its variety of slopes and gorgeous vistas to entertain visitors from far and wide.   The mountains themselves hold many mysteries among them are tales of hidden tunnels and caverns leading to beautiful vistas, sleeping dragons hungrily guarding their hordes, and hidden dwarven forges that have long since gone dark. The most popular and widely spread legend, however, is that of the Golden Pass, which is said to be a hidden pass that leads to the realm of the gods and Eeavarin's Forge.


This mountain range is vast and actually consists of several other mountains and mountain ranges that lead all the way to the capital city of Aldelgis, The Crown City of Elric. Though not as tall as the Wulftier mountains that circle Elric, the Gilder Mountains are still a formidable presence while looking at its peaks from below or while traversing its various routes and paths.   The hills and pathways that litter the base of the mountains are used as ski routes and hiking trails for the guests of the resort town of Culdaer. Large spans of pine trees and winding rivers make the area a beautiful place to explore during a days excursion from Culdaer. However, visitors are advised to not travel too far up the mountains as they quickly become more treacherous and dangerous to traverse. Of those who have travelled to the peaks of Culdaer tell tales of vast networks of underground tunnels, forgotten Dwarven forges, and dangerous beasts.   The mountain range received its name from a peculiar event that happens once a fortnight. During the dawn of the following day, the sunrise catches the mountain in a way that makes the mountains glitter in a golden light that makes it appear as if it was golden.

Fauna & Flora

The base hills of the Gilded Mountain mainly consist of pine tree forests, within which can be found a variety of local flora and fauna. Though due to the northern climate much of the flora is covered in a layer of snow. But during the short period of warmer weather, a variety of mottled and darker toned flowers and mushrooms can be seen poking through the thick layers of pine needles on the forest floors. Wildlife in the area is fairly tame, consisting mainly of deer, rabbits, foxes, and the like with the occasional bear or wolf pack travelling through the deeper regions of the forest. Though the occasional goblin tribe will settle down in the region the area surrounds Culdaer is considered fairly safe.   Further up the mountain is a completely different story, vast forests and a diverse wildlife give way to a sparse landscape of stone and snow, with little to no vegetation or wildlife due to the colder temperatures. Dangerous monsters dwell within the caves and tunnels of the mountain, many of which bide their time waiting to strike at any foolish enough to climb near their abodes. Guests of Culdaer have even reported the sighting of a dragon in the region, though many dispute these claims. It is rare but occasionally creatures that live further up the mountains will come down in search of food.

Natural Resources

Though the area is surrounded by large spans of forests, rivers, and ore-laden mountain ranges the primary resource of the area is tourism. Typically connected with the resort town of Culdaer people pay to stay within the sleepy village in order to hike and ski the hills surrounding the mountains.
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