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Ustril Geography

A world as wide as it is varied, from dense rain forests and spanning savannas, to a vast world dividing desert. Ustril is truly a diverse and wondrous world.


Starting in the North Ustril is peppered with appearing endless tundras and dense snowy pine forests. But the main feature of the far north is it's gigantic mountain range known as the Copper fields, this range spans the far north east corner of Ustril's main continent, located in the center of this mountain range is a large open highland plateau home to varying tribes of nomads. In the center of this plateau is a frozen over volcano that is worshiped by many tribes. Moving down to the north west there is one of Ustril's most unique features, it's mushroom forest Funglarboris, this forest is surrounded by a dangerous bog. In the center of the main contentment is a world dividing desert, this desert is vast and lacks any water except for a small oasis in the east, and on the eastern perimeter are multiple highland mesas. Following the southern perimeter of the desert is a giant savanna. Finally the most defining feature of the southern section of the main continent is the giant inland sea bordered by many cities and towns.

Fauna & Flora

The world of ustril is home to many animals, plants, and races, for more information check those corresponding sections in the world.

Natural Resources

The world of Ustril has large varying amounts of minerals found throughout the world in the planet, these are most commonly harvest by dwarfs deep gnomes etc. Also throughout the world there are verities of trees each producing different types of wood, finally there are many unknown resources found on the ocean floor. There have also been rumors of a hugely powerful resource that holds a giant amount of magical power that is able to be harvested.

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