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Kiran Noquar

Kiran Noquar

Physical Description

Body Features

When not masking his true nature Kiran Noquar appears as an ashen svartálfar with elongated fangs in place of his canine teeth. While his features seem sunken and frail this hides his true undead strength.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Leader of the current Blood Court Kiran Noquar has recently taken control of the Court after his father stepped down and retired. The Noquar family has long since been the unofficial leaders of the new Blood Court with the majority of their family holding the highest rank since the new court's founding.  

The Truth

A hidden Vampire Lord Kiran uses illusions and artifacts to hide his true nature. Alongside three of his vampire thralls Kiran has assumed the leadership of the Noquar family since the Great Undertaking. Having been turned into a vampire by an elder who distrusted the Blood King Kiran was to wait and protect his master's home and riches in case of betrayal. But after a month of no word Noquar began to gather his former master's riches preparing for the worst. When the mob tore down the door Noquar played the hapless mortal servant and offered to show the looters to the treasure room. Not expecting an ambush the servant became their doom as Noquar tortured them for their information and drained them of their blood. None survived but the vampire left with as much riches as he could to spread to the populace. Using his master's relics to pass as a mortal and gathering all those who dared Noquar and his mob attacked the other Blood Court's hives slaying any competition and becoming a folk hero.   It was Noquar who proposed establishing a new Blood Court but by then most of the populace had figured out a rudimentary form of democracy and took only the names of the courts. Leveraging his riches, fame, and supernatural powers Noquar took control of the new Blood Court and established a hold over the others who threatened his rule. Noquar never took direct control as he worried his influence could be found if he pressed too much but instead he established himself as the shadow ruler for several hundred years. Once Obsidian left the pocket dimension and the svartálfar returned to Forbuho Noquar began to exert more control to insure nothing got between him and reclaiming the island.   Today as Kiran Noquar he plays the peacemaker and is openly in favor of the other races, as he enjoys their exotic taste, and pushes for peace while retaining control of Forbuho. He does not care about the curse but fakes empathy and does as little as needed. His family are each vampires of his hive and loyal to none else. After Having his "father" recently step down to retire Kiran has taken up a more direct control of family and the court. He plans for his "father" to quietly die at an opportune moment to help push difficult a policy through the courts.


A minor noble from a branch family Kiran Noquar was purchased by the Earl of Mornfall to train as an assassin and guard. After years of service Kiran transformed into a vampire by the the Earl of Mornfall using the Ritual of Shared Blood. This was done right before the Great Undertaking as the Earl had suspicions about the ritual and the Blood King.   After taking over the Mornfall lands and looting the rest of the vampire hives Kiran has become an avid reader studying to cover for his lack of formal education. In the hundreds of years since Kiran has posed as an ancestor several times attending the college several times earning various degrees while establishing political alliances.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Kiran Noquar is the strongest vampire within Forbuho if not presumably the world though there is if the Philosophers Blood Alchemical Infusion is ever found it can create another ancestor vampire.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Court of Blood Heart
Circumstances of Death
Biological Sex
Red but spelled to look brown
White hair down to the middle of his back
Skin Tone
Ashen black
134 lbs
Aligned Organization

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