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The Citadel of the Moon

A tall fortress rises above a well tended clearing , everything is pristine as if no one has stepped upon this ground for hundreds of years yet the grass has been shorn to pristine condition. Were it not for the vast bubble of silence you would swear this tower still is occupied.


The tower rises three levels and stands wide enough to house a small army. The stone walls are all well tended with no windows save for the ornate glass dome that has been colored to match the moon.


The Citadel of the Moon was created for her second coronation when she claimed the body of her High-priestess. After the Coronation the Queen continued to use the building as a lab to experiment upon and when she died she gathered her court to hold her third coronation.   This process continued for some time though the Queen's soul had become rotten the more she used her necromantic magics. As the Queen drank the poison drought the rest of her court traveled to The Citadel of the Moon to re-crown the Queen inside a maiden's body. But as the maid sat upon the throne nothing happened to her.   This was when the living serfs and the Court of Blood attacked the Citadel and slew the nobles of the Court of Breath. As all were accomplished necromancers the slain nobility believed themselves only delayed as their spirits would claim the bodies of their attackers, what they did not expect was the Lich from the Court of Bone to destroy their fetters, the very artifacts that kept their souls bound to this plane.   After the Coup the spirits that managed to survive their fetters being destroyed were bound into sets of armor and forces to walk the floors of the citadel protecting it from all intruders. And so the Citadel stood for hundreds of years till Forbuho was settled by new people and adventurers found the The Citadel of the Moon. A few managed to reach the door to the throne room but the Blood King laid several traps and none have reached the throne room.
A day of the Bloody Coup
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location

The Throne

The Throne of the Moon is an Magic Artifact. Whenever a Drow sits upon the Throne their Souls will be shunted into the Aether allowing any nearby spirit to posses the newly emptied body.   Should any other creature sit upon the throne they will have their bodies opened to possession but their souls will remain.

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