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Dame Switch

Danassan Switish (a.k.a. Dame Switch)

Physical Description

Body Features

Dame Switch has a trim wiry frame and lightly tanned skin. While she spends much of her day in the sun due to her elvish heritage it is difficult for her skin to darken or weather from the elements, much to her regret and the crew's humor.

Facial Features

Dame Switch has the sharp eyes and ears of an elf but the curved chin and thicker lips of a human.

Identifying Characteristics

Dame Switch is known for her stunning looks and guarded face leading many to believe her to be emotionless at first.

Physical quirks

While fighting Dame Switch still uses the seinhander school of dueling forms and will keep her unused arm tucked behind her.

Apparel & Accessories

Dame Switch likes to dress in bright red leathers and keep her hair under a red handkerchief.

Specialized Equipment

Dame Switch specializes in the cutlass while in combat and is a trained diplomat with professional training in a wide variety of skills.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the Azure Republic after the civil war the Switish family was the first half-elf birth to be openly praised as opposed to hidden in shame. The resulting fame established the family as spiritual representatives of the city and actual representitives when Danassan's mother became a diplomat. Danassan herself was born to the life and took on all the responsibilities that her mother held and more due to the circumstances of her birth and her family name. This took a heavy toll on Danassan as her every action was seen as representative of the republic. Driven by the eyes of society initially she was a cold-hearted and calculating girl who was forced to be perfect, while many flocked to her she had very few friends. Whether it was from the rules and expectations of the country being drilled into her from a young age or because it is simply the way she was born she excelled at everything she was given though in truth this was due to her constant training when no prying eyes could watch her. Eventually the pressures and strain began to catch up with her and Danassan began to falter as expectations grew too much for one young woman to handle. It all came to a head when the combined stress and pressure caused Danassan to faint during a diplomatic function.   While the social scene within the Azure Republic was shocked there were a great many diplomats and courtiers who were happy to see the perfect child fall to the ground with all others. A resulting backlash would have ended Danassan were her family not kind and supportive of her. Hoping to shield her from the worst of the courtly intrigue the Switish booked passage on a ship under an assumed name to send their daughter to relatives in Cobalt for some rest. For the first time ever Danassan was anonymous, the ship was not affiliated with the Republic rather it made it's wealth shuttling people and goods to-and-fro between the island and the peninsula. Without the judging stares and responsibility of her heritage and her kingdom Danassan florished. She quickly became enamored with life aboard the ship and pestered the crew endlessly till the Quartermaster of the ship stepped in and scolded her. It was almost half of the way into the trip their ship was overtaken by the pirate ship Warmachine, the dread pirate Blowhard Barbados had come to loot the ship.   Trained as a duelist Danassan had never fought informally though when the pirates boarded Danassan took to swordplay like a fish to water. Much to the pirates surprise as well as her own, Danassan easily handled several marauding pirates, in these life or death moments Danassan moved between battles feeling more alive then ever before. She would have turned the tide had the rest of the ship held anyone else who could put up half the fight the young lady did. Eventually raw numbers overwhelmed lady Switish and she was disarmed and captured by Captain Barbados himself. Impressed by the skill and sheer daring of the young half-elf Hemes Barbados offered the girl a choice, ransom to whomever was willing to pay for her life or a job on the pirate ship Warmachine. Thinking back to her life and her responsibilities Danassan threw away her past to join the pirates, though she would miss her family she knew that her true life was aboard the Warmachine. When asked her name Danassan began to reply truthfully but altered her name to Dame Switch so no shame would ever befall her family. Barbados faked Danassan's death and the rest of the crew on the ship and passengers were returned lighter of pocket but spared a ransom in honor of the fiery girl's sacrifice. And so the pirate ship Warmachine sailed off with treasures in it's hold and a new crew-member.   Dame Switch took to the pirate life with gusto and raised as quickly within the ranks. Using her skills as a diplomat and courtier as well as her experience under the harsh training of dozens of governesses and teachers Dame Switch rose in ranks to become the Quartermaster in a few years. But by then Captain Barbados has been mesmerized by a powerful witch. Under the direction of the witch the Captain took a perilous quest to find an artifact said to have been created by the ArchFey. The end result left Captain Barbados cursed and the witch fled with the magical relic. Only Dame Switch and what few crew who remained loyal chose to stay. As the highest ranking officer Dame Switch took the rank of First Mate and began to search for a way to remove the Captain's curse. To pay for the crew and further their quest the ship performs as an merchants till their captain can be saved.


Danassan was trained by the best governesses and teachers within the Azure Republic. For twenty years she was taught for several hours every day and then personally trained in private for a couple more. Her training included martial weapons, memory retention, etiquette, mathematics, science, politics, philosophy.   Dame Switch learned sailing and the duties of a pirate with little to no warning. While she was thrown directly into the profession almost immediately thanks to her previous education and constant training she learned under Captain Barbados and his officers.


Diplomat/Courtier for the Azure Republic Boatswain on the Warmachine Quartermaster of the Warmachine First Mate of the Warmachine

Mental Trauma

Dame Switch is constantly haunted by the pressures of her previous life and hopes that her family thinks her dead. Due to the belief that she represented the republic she took on a lot of responsibilities beyond her childhood and in doing so repressed much of herself. It was the offer from Captain Barbados that broke Danassan and allowed her to throw her past away.


Dame Switch will not kill anyone from the Azure Republic unless they become aware of her true identity or threaten her life or the lives of the Warmachine crew.

Personality Characteristics


Dame Switch wants to live free and honor Captin Barbados. Since the curse Dame Switch is desperate to cure the Captain.


Contacts & Relations

Dame Switch has contacts within the Bay of Wrecks and family in the Azure Republic and Cobalt.

Family Ties

Dame Switch's immediate family still live in the Azure Republic but believe their daughter to be dead. She also has extended family in Cobalt though they have never met before.

Social Aptitude

First Mate Switch has a demeanor that matches her needs wherever needed. While not engaged with anyone she holds herself guarded but can become authoritative and stern at the first sign of slacking off.


Dame Switch has been trained to hide her emotions and control her feelings whenever possible. This results in her guarded behavior at all times save for the middle of combat where she can be seen grinning madly.

Wealth & Financial state

Formerly of an highly ranked class Dame Switch abandoned all of her titles and wealth to join the crew of the Warmachine. While serving under Captain "Blowhard" Barbados she accumulated a considerable amount of wealth she has spent all but a small savings of her riches to keep the Warmachine afloat and sailing. Her entire life is invested in the ship and the crew as well as the search for a cure for her Captain.
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
First Mate
Circumstances of Death
Believed dead of a pirate attack
Current Residence
The Warmachine
Biological Sex
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Back to work or you'll feel my lash!"
Known Languages
Dame Switch knows well over a dozen languages and speaks most humanoid languages fluently.

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