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Hermes Barbados

Captain Hermes Barbados (a.k.a. Blowhard)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the Bay of Wrecks Hermes was a large boy who made a name for himself by organizing a small crew of thieves and rabble. But being too poor to pay off the guardsmen when he was finally caught he was set to hang but was instead sold as cabin boy to work on the Floating Horde, a merchant vessel.   He learned the ways of the sailor young Barbados took a liking to the cannons and once he proved himself was made a Powder Monkey on the Floating Horde. Before he could become a full sailor Hermes ship was attacked by pirates who easily took the merchant vessel with superior firepower and overwhelming forces. Press ganged into service Hermes lack of loyalty proved to his advantage as he rose among the sailors to become a Gunner within a few years of service on the Warmachine.   Barbados became infamous for his prowess at cannons and guns as well as his ability to fight. After several more years he was elevated to Boatswain and managed all the cannons till a pitched battle with the Azure Navy saw the first mate missing and the captain left for dead. Barbados rallied the crew and repelled the navy before saving the ship and fleeing into a storm. When the Captain recovered he made Barbados his first mate and told him where he had buried his treasure. First Mate Barbados would serve under the Captain for another year before the gangrene took the Captain leaving Barbados to run the ship. Recovering the former captains treasure Barbados outfitted the Warmachine with the best stolen gold could buy and soon Captain Barbados became known as the most feared as the greatest pirate of the seas.   While the Warmachine was the greatest ship on the sea Barbados could not protect his heart as he fell for a witch who played with the Captain and took over the ship. The Witch led Barbados across the seas in search of an old ArchFey artifact. Anyone who dared to take the artifact from it's resting place would be cursed, so the Witch convinced Barbardos to take the artifact and give it to her. Barbados willingly took the curse for his beloved but the Witch left and all Barbados had to show for his love was the curse.   Now afflicted with a Tidal mind Barbados slips between bouts of sanity and madness, only his trusted First Mate Dame Switch and what few crew who remain loyal at least to coin still follow the Captain as they search for a way to remove the Captain's curse. Now to make ends meet the crew perform for merchants as few seaman will raid under a mad captain.




Cabin Boy on the Floating Horde
Powder Monkey on the Floating Horde
Gunner of the Warmachine
Boatswain on the Warmachine
First Mate of the Warmachine
Captain of the Warmachine

Accomplishments & Achievements

Captain of the Warmachine and Dread Pirate

Failures & Embarrassments

Cursed by the ArchFey and tricked by the Witch.

Mental Trauma

The Captain is haunted by dozens of spirits all possessing his body at once. He can barely keep through the day while he fights to keep control of his body and mind.

Wealth & Financial state

Barbados owns the Warmachine, a Dwarven Dreadnought that Barbados bought with his spoils. Since his curse the Ship has had much of it's arms removed to carry more cargo.

397 lbs

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