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Azure Republic


The Republic's capitol and outlying lands are split into districts with each district electing a Representative to the senate who will serve for six years. These senators elect a high representative to rule over the senate for twelve years or they step down.

Public Agenda

Prosperity to the Republic, foster democracy among the other nations, equal rights to mortal races.


Originally the Azure Reaches was one of the oldest monarchies established in the early days of the Age of Mortals. The small peninsula is bordered by three smaller kingdoms of man that constantly fought each other. Ruled by Elves the kingdom begrudgingly accepted a few tribes of human refugees that wished to escape the constant battle that the three kingdoms had created. For many generations there was peace and eventually it was all but forgotten to humans that they had ever been anything but part of the elven empire. But as humans and half-elves began outbreeding the elves they began coming into conflict with age old laws that were crafted only to serve elves. Eventually a delegation was formed by mostly Human and Half-Elves who went to the Queen to ask for more rights. The Queen like many noble Elves still considered these humans and half-breeds refugees who should be glad to have anything and thus quashed the first resistance in a brutal display. But her efforts to keep power created a larger threat than before as the concerned citizen now became revolutionaries.   For many years the revolutionaries fought with words as well as swords. Turning the younger elves against their unchanging elders the Queen lashed out angrily at any elf who would side with the revolt. He harsh attitude toward the young elves turned many common elves against the nobles. Eventually the Queen saw that their grip on their people had begun to fray and she became desperate and called her General to her. She ordered the General to take his troops and kill all humans and half-elves. Dumbstruck her General begged her to reconsider and for his plea he was executed. It was this that spurred the Major to slay the queen though he did not last much long after her. With the Queen dead the nobility fought to take her place and and was not able to put up much of a fight thereafter. With the kingdom overthrown the people created a republic to better represent the larger variety of people.   With the new democracy growing swiftly the need for resources grew and required the city to expand. They turned the unused navy into a merchant fleet that swept across the world bringing untold riches to the commonwealth. This and the success of their political court made the other kingdoms nearby grow fearful that democracy could spread. Since then the three neighbors of Azure have done their best to quash the new democracy. But with the three still at war with each other the surrounding kingdoms have held a four way stalemate that lasted almost a few years. Recently a Sorcerer-King arose and united the three empires of Man against Azure.   To fund their ongoing wars they have laid claim to Sadinaw for it’s resources and wealth. Recently a group called Cerulean are seeking independence for Cobalt they are the natural born citizens of the island who want more say in the governance of the island, though in doing so it very well may doom the Azure Republic.

Demography and Population

34% Half-Elf
29% Human
26% Elf
11% Other


Having been in conflict since the republic's inception much of the military of the Azure Republic are veterans of small conflicts and some outright wars. While the army protects and enforces border security the navy is was often used to police the waters as well as protect prominent Republic ships. Lately due to the enforced neutrality around the island of Forbuho the navy has seen less combat save for the lone pirate ship and rare conflicts with Scarlett ships that attempt to intercept Azure merchants.

Foreign Relations

The Azure Republic is at war with the Kingdom of Scarlett as well as in conflict with the surrounding kingdoms. The Republic freely trades with the Castanet Empire and the Republic of Man

Trade & Transport

The Republic has a strong navy and merchant fleet that has made it rich enough to survive the constant conflicts that surround the nation. Transport via sea is simple and freely made though the military will investigate any ship of sufficient size to endanger the capitol. Transport overland is more difficult as the borders are almost always in conflict and the army is spread around the nation.


Most masters apprentice their sons and daughters in the family profession as well as accepting skilled members into their profession should they impress the master. Richer families can hire tutors to teach if the head of the family is too busy or does not have all the wanted skills.
Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Market economy
Gold is minted and accepted in all locations in the Republic, recently due to scarcity of gold paper bills have been introduced as promissory notes of gold or equal worth and are accepted in the capitol freely while it has not spread beyond.
Major Exports
Thanks to the verdant land much of the exports from are wood and various vegetables. Thanks to the bitter conflict that began the Republic historical artifacts are viewed as inconsequential or offensive and often sold off by various families that acquired the history through conflict or have been sold to support older elf families.
Major Imports
The republic imports most of its metals and ores.
Legislative Body
The senate makes all laws with the High Representative given the ability to break any ties or choose to veto a law should it not have more than two thirds majority.
Judicial Body
Magistrates are given authority to enforce all laws made by the republic, within the capitol and larger cities some magistrates are given the title of inquisitive to investigate older and more complex crimes.
Official Languages
Controlled Territories

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