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Puck Lavernius

Halfling Bard is head of entertainment, and while his womanizing ways can get in the way of his job he has talked down bar brawls and convinced Goblins to surrender with only his words

Physical Description

Body Features

Puck Lavernius is slightly smaller than the average halfling and a little slightly more rotund than average,

Facial Features

Puck sports a thick handlebar mustachio, bushy expressive eyebrows, and a wide articulate mouth.

Physical quirks

Puck's eyebrows are quite suggestive when speaking to a fair maiden while his eyes will aimlessly wonder about everywhere but but his subject when talking to other men.

Apparel & Accessories

The only other person who wears worse clothing about the Bluewheel company is Churchill Steeltop and that is due to his lack of gold accessories.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Puck Lavernius is one of the rarer halflings with no drive to serve as the rest of his species is known. Puck rejected the strong work ethic, the subtly that all halflings went by, and the conformity of their character. So he resolved to become a gentleman thief who would steal riches from noblemen and steal kisses from noblewomen. Puck walks tall, dreams big, and can convince anyone including himself.   While he had confidence in his abilities as a highwayman and swordsman the halfling Lavernius found he needed to get the attention of passing carriages least he be trampled a third time. For that reason Lavernius learned to play the lute and sing to stop the carriages only for the first cart to be a mail carrier. When he finally found a nobleman to stop for him the guards stabbed him.   After being left for dead Puck managed to recover and resolved to use his singing charms another way. To that end Puck joined a mercenary company to make his gold as a swordsman only to be placed among the cooks as the only halfling in the company. Puck managed to last several months mostly due to the fact that he found he enjoyed cooking even though he hated following the soldiers.   Puck managed to jump from job to job doing a little bit of everything before he joined the Bluewheel Company as head cook. While not the best at what he does his added charisma and willingness to entertain after cooking a meal has proven the halfling to be a boon to the merchant caravan.


Puck has no formal training except what he could do on the job. Often he will lie his way into a profession and continue to pretend he knows what he is doing until he gets caught or grows bored.


Puck Lavernius has worked in almost every job possible from Academic to Zookeeper. While he has yet to master a trade he has some skill in anything except for some proficiency in cooking and entertaining.

Accomplishments & Achievements

According to Lavernius he is at least in the top three of the worlds greatest lover, thief, and scoundrel.

Failures & Embarrassments

According to Lavernius he has none.

Intellectual Characteristics

Selfish, arrogant, prideful, funny, charismatic, and energetic

Morality & Philosophy

Puck seemingly has a liquid set of rules and beliefs that change on a whim depending on his mercurial nature.

Personality Characteristics


Puck feels an intense need to be the greatest and is willing to lie, cheat, and steal his way to the top.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

While the halfling is charismatic and can fast talk quite well after an extended period of his attention you will notice he has no depth beyond his lies.

Likes & Dislikes

Puck likes gold, wine, women, food, and music. On the other hand Lavernius hates work, failure, responsibility, and pain.

Virtues & Personality perks

Lavernius is willing to try almost everything at least once.

Vices & Personality flaws

Puck has gone so far as to create a few vices just to try them out. It is nearly impossible for the halfling not to exaggerate especially if it involves himself.


Puck is fastidious to a point but his one failing is his love of cologne.


Social Aptitude

Extremely charismatic and flirtatious. When fast talking Puck can sell a goblin his own weapons. The only thing larger than his ego are the lies he spreads about himself.


Puck loves to talk with his hands and his eyebrows.

Wealth & Financial state

Puck does not hold on to his gold well and will spend it whenever and however he can. His also has several outstanding debts that he has skipped out on.
Chaotic Evil
Current Location
Biological Sex
85 lbs
Aligned Organization

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