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Colony of the Kingdom of Scarlett the city is on the cusp of change and all it needs is a spark to light the fires of conflict.


42% Human
29% Half-Orc
10% Orc
9% Other


A colony to Scarlett the city swears fealty to the Kingdom in return for resources and protection. While Governor Fen is officially the absolute authority granted by the Grey Council acting as regents, within the island he is constantly undermined by the members of the Grey Court as well as his own Secretary.   Tharn Naraja is the leader of the Ruby armies and manages over one thousand soldiers as well as a few mercenary companies. Tharn was raised from the lowest rank and file soldier to lead the forces of Ruby.


The wall surrounding the city is a combination of stone and clay, the later being unique in its natural hardness. There is also a standing force of three thousand soldiers and mercenaries half of which are stationed at the city at all times.

Industry & Trade

Many nobles and sages are keen to learn more of the island of Forbuho leading to a cultural boom in Scarlett. Historical artifacts have become the greatest trade beyond the natural and supernatural resources of the island. War has become the greatest trade and most trade either supports the war efforts directly or indirectly. The sale of magical items found in Forbuho is strictly forbidden but all magical items are appraised and given market value to be disenchanted making magic dust, another resource that is highly sought.


  • Auction House
  • The Grey Bank
  • Abridale's Apothecary (Reagent and Potion shop)
  • Feasthall
  • Hammer and Chain (Armor and Weapon shop)
  • The Red Cells (Prison)
  • Dockside Trading Stalls
  • Lothacs Larder
  • Broken Tooth Inn
  • Ironfang Smith

Guilds and Factions

  • The Grey Court
    • Monarchists
      • Those who seek to bring balance to the world to encourage progress. While the Court is Regent to the Kingdom of Scarlett they want to pass political power to the Prince now that he is reaching adulthood.
    • Anti-Monarchists
      • Part of the political organization within the the Grey Court they believe balance can be better managed with the Court keeping power in Scarlett
  • The Church of Man
    • A Church of human supremacy that seeks to create a theocracy.
  • Ruby Residents
    • Those caught between the factions fighting for a kingdom they have never seen or left long ago.


When the Grey Oracle prophesied the greatest danger to the Kingdom of Scarlett she sensed the magical artifact lay within the recently discovered Island of Forbuho. Seeking to find and destroy the artifact as well as better fuel the Nations coffers an company of soldiers and support was sent to settle the island.   The first losses were harsh as no one was ready for the unusual properties of the island and the fierceness of its predators. But after some months the small barracks had become an outpost just in time for another shipment of supplies and settlers. The first buildings were build from a combination of wood and the red clay that was easily accessible on the eastern side of the island.   This continued for an entire year before a ship meant for Cobalt mistakenly landed in Ruby. Shocked to learn another settlement resided on the island the supplies were taken and the Azure settlers were captured. The ship was allowed to leave as it held not nationality and was sent with word to Scarlett informing of the other outpost. After it sent word the captain returned to the Azure Republic and thus the War for Forbuho began.   In the hundred years this settlement now bolstered by the wealth it gathers and the nations seeking to claim the island the outpost became a small town which grew into a significant city. Now residents live here who have never seen the Kingdom of Scarlett but many swear fealty if not out of tradition.


The architecture takes from both orcish and human styles. Using the land and its resources most buildings are made from a combed wood and clay. Attempts to mine the surrounding areas have been met with limited success and most stone is used for the protective wall. But with the growing city soon there will need to be expansion.


Located on the furthest eastern point of the island surrounded by a dense jungle. Attempts are made to clear the jungle but they are slow and return more wood but less land each year. A dense and enchanted clay that the city rests on and around is the only reason a foothold was possible.

Natural Resources

The jungle is close to the settlement and occasionally refreshes itself. There is also a large vein of red clay that has some elemental properties making it stronger and sturdier than other materials.
Alternative Name(s)
Scarlett Town, Orcland, Redland
Large city

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