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The Church of Man

Based on the old tales of humanity overthrowing the Archfey the Church focuses on the Gods favor of humanity. The Church believes not all are created equal and both good and evil can be be influenced by your bloodline, thus a child of a thief and murderer is more likely to follow in his parents footsteps then the child of a cobbler and baker. To this end the Church practices strict bloodline manipulation choosing to breed lineages to produce strong characteristics, within their Church a great many sorcerers have been produced.   While the Church itself draws many who believe in the supremacy of humanity not all hate the other races and even some agents within the Church draw their lineage from half-elves or half-orcs. As of late the Church believes that the nobles of Scarlett are a danger to the world at large due to their close ties with the more civilized Orcs. The Church was instrumental in the murder of the last King and Queen and have confirmed the prophecy of the Grey Court. The Church has infiltrated the island to find and recover the fabled artifact needed to end the reign of the Crimson line.

Public Agenda

Overthrow the monarchy of Scarlett and institute a Theocracy

Religious, Cult

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