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The Grey Oracle

Tiana LeRue (a.k.a. The Grey Oracle)

Current spiritual leader of the Grey Court the Elven woman known as the Grey Oracle. Said to be the foremost arcane diviner she is far and wide for her ability to foretell the future she has transformed the minor cult bent on restoring balance to the world into the most sought after teachers, diplomats, and sages.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Grey Oracle appears as an ancient blind elf matron with white eyes and white hair. Her body is frail but her mind and tongue are sharp.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tiana LeRue looks to be an elf but the true form of the Grey Oracle is that of an Sidhe. Her Archfey father transformed her into an Oracle of incredible prowess but by the time she was ready it was already too late for her father to prevent the fall of the Archfey. In a rage he blinded her and left her to die as he fled along with the rest of the Sidhe.   With all other Sidhe thought to have fled with their Archfey overlords Tiana LeRue had in fact faked her death to join humanity. When the Archfey fled they left a spell that swept the world seeking out all Sidhe and slaying them for their betrayal. But Tiana foresaw this and had prepared a refuge hidden away. The spells struck her refuge but instead of killing her she was sealed inside, by the time she was able to free herself a hundred years had past and the Archfey had begun to fade from memory. Tiana was able to pass for an Elf and used her oracular abilities to see without her eyes. She survived for some time but eventually even the Elves began to wonder about her long life and Tiana was forced to fake her death time and time again. Sometimes she would gather a large following while other times she was left alone for years before she would even hear another beings voice.   She created the Grey Court a few hundred years ago to prepare the world for the eventual return of the Archfey. With her foresight she found that if she influenced society in just the right way they might be able to protect her and guide the world in a better direction. Using her powers she quickly rose to power within the cult and began moving the Grey Court into politics and diplomacy.   Today she is known as the Grey Oracle and her Grey Court has become one of the greatest powers in several continents. She knows while Sidhe are long lived her time is coming close to an end. She is working with all her draining health to leave this world a better place but in doing so she must take several risks that could very well ruin much of her work.


The Grey Oracle was taught by her father the Watcher, an Archfey of considerable arcane skill. He trained her to be a powerful and precise diviner. The ability to see far into possible futures also educated her greatly but she the further out she reached the more time and effort it took to find specific solutions.

Personality Characteristics


The Grey Oracle believes that her efforts will bring forth a better world. Her choices have improved the world greatly but with her declining health she is willing to take risks in hopes that her changes will have long lasting effects.


Family Ties

Before she held the title of The Grey Oracle she had various dalliances and one gave birth to her daughter Mavil whom she raised alone and with little contact from the outside world. Mavil fled from her mother and in the years since Mavil has prevented her mother from scrying her location. Tiana has been hesitant to send the Grey Court to look for her daughter and does not think just anyone would be able to convince her daughter through force or coercion. With her death coming soon she is tempted to send out a group of powerful but ignorant adventurers so she could pass on the Grey Court to her daughter.

Milky white with no iris
Aligned Organization
The Grey Court
Other Affiliations

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