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The Island of Forbuho is found by the Great Sage

Discovery, Exploration

-148 BR

The Great Sage discovers the island of Forbuho

After commissioning the Unswerving a merchant ship to test out a an arcane sail the Great Sage attempts to sail from the Azure Republicto the Kingdom of Scarlett only to be blown off course by leagues while half way between the nations. Thought to be doomed the crew were about to throw the Sage overboard when a lookout calls to have found land. Checking their records they find an undiscovered island rich with magic and natural resources. Unprepared for the complexity and wonder the Sage names the island for the ancient gnomish word Forbuho, meaning beauty hidden with danger. Resupplied with only a few casualties the ship finishes the voyage without the arcane sail. After landing the Sage immediately begins planning his first expedition back to the island.

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