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The Flickering Mountain


The landform that became the Flickering Mountain was once barely above the sea level. The archfey fled a losing war they landed upon the island of Forbuho with the few elves that remained loyal whom the named the Svartálfar. Terrified that humanity and the other races were just behind them the archfey altered the environment around the island to better hide it from any would be pursuers. Knowing full well the God's themselves would not rest until the archfey were all dead those remaining used much of their magic to move between planes to a place not even the God's knew of. To better hide their departure the archfey bound several planes themselves together and damaged the veil between worlds. The resulting backlash that propelled the archfey far from this world and where the archfey stood now was a mountain that existed between several planes of existence. This creates the flickering effect as you might spot the mountain in the distance only for it to vanish from sight moments later and returning just as suddenly and without warning.  
I figured that this island was far more than what it seemed when the mountain first vanished. As we sailed toward the island the mountain seemingly disappeared, thinking ourselves sun mad the crew grew fearful and many swore not to step foot on land when the mountain returned as if it had blinked. But we needed supplies and to repair the ship regardless of the danger we landed. While most of us gathered wood nearby water the Captain and his best men went towards the mountain planning to investigate. We waited for days but we never heard from them again. -Rand Windsinger


The Flickering Mountain is one large mountain that rises up more than four thousand feet above the sea level. Within the top most peak within the center of the mountain lies a crater almost a mile wide and half as deep. Within the center of the crater lies primordial magic in liquid form, the very essence so raw and powerful that it grants the mountain much of it's extra-planar attributes. Thus far no one has been powerful enough or smart enough to find a way to the top of the mountain. Surrounding the mountain are a number of planar fissures, while mostly invisible to the human eye should one use arcane sight or planar goggles they will see rents up and down the mountain that can toss the unwary into quasi-pockets where two or more planes have bled into.

Fauna & Flora

Much like the surrounding areas of Forbuho the mountain holds a great number of plants normally found in otherworldly planes, while there are not that many trees that have survived upon the mountain a great number of brush, bushes and vines have thrived. These plants are often heartier and more dangerous such as assassin vines, man eating trees, and worse. Unique to the mountain were a myriad of smaller plants that the various planes the mountain passed exerted a slight but noticeable influence upon the flora. Creating everburning bushes of ice, liquid diamond vines, and other such amalgamations that are unique across all plane of existence their contradictory existence was only viable upon the mountain.   As with the flora the beasts that lived upon the mountain were both dangerous and unique as they had to move through various planes without suffering from sudden harsh environments. A variety dire phase hounds, shifting wyrms, and quasi-elemental titans all have managed to carve out a small nich upon the mountain.

Natural Resources

Beyond the raw primordial magic the mountain itself has raw ores that are enhanced by one or more planes and unique flora and fauna that can only be found on this mountain. Even more dangerous animals surround the mountain and due to the high density of primordial magic a large number of dire breeds and elemental sub-types appear. The closest anyone has gotten to harvesting said resources are the Svartálfar who expended significant resources and lives to carve a small mine into the mountain.  
To us the ground is sacred as it is the last place our Fey lords were before they were driven from this world. But the Mad Queen demands stone and ore from this holy site and cares not for the lives lost. Many living and undead have met their final death to feed her greed and for that we must end her reign! -Elan Varlov
Alternative Name(s)
The Vanishing Mountain, Fey Step, the Convergance
Mountain / Hill
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