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Churchill Steeltop

Physical Description

Facial Features

Churchill has a clean shaven face that he tends to twice a day, once when he awakens and once before he goes to sleep.

Apparel & Accessories

Churchill wears gold chains, gold rings, colorful silk clothing, and rich leather boots. Even when going to sleep Churchill has gaudily designed sleeping cloths.

Specialized Equipment

Churchill is an expert demonologist. arcane craftsman, engineer, and fair merchant.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kovrec Kraghand was apprenticed to Master Artisan Skorfoli Drakehead who was famous across the land but with his age he had lost his inspiration. When whispers began to spread that Skorfoli stolen his latest work from his apprentice the master was desperate to repair his name. His master had received an order from a wizard who requested a machine to measure the flow of the cosmos. For months Kovrec and his Master worked on the project using ideas and tools Kraghand had never seen. As they progressed with the project Master Skorfoli grew weak as the elder dwarf seemed consumed by his work. Time and time again young Kraghand called out to his master to abandon the project or at least rest but he was rebuffed each time. Just as it seemed the Master artificer would die the project was finished and he had his apprentice gather the patrons and the leaders of the city to presented the greatest work. The Fulcrum wan enormous apparatus that would models the seasons and the orbits of the planes of existence just as the wizard had asked. And as Master Skorfoli activated the machine a portal to the Chaotic Hells of the First World opened letting loose a horde of demons.   For four days and nights a pitched battle between dwarves and demons were fought while Kovrec sequestered himself in the remains of his masters workshop. On the fifth day Kovrec reappeared and managed to seal the portal. Many were shocked as he was unable to wield such so arcane power before. It was only after making a pact with a devil did he have the ability to do so.   The populace laid the blame on Kovrec and his master, but with his master having been killed in the initial ambush all the blame was turned on Koverc. Seeing he had used dark magics Kovrec was exiled from Golen and his family name as well as that of his master were removed from all records, though humans still remember Drakehead and his crafts they were all destroyed with only a few kept by individuals who favored darker magics. With the cloths on his back and his own willpower Kovrec left his home under the name Churchill Steeltop. For a time he became an adventurer and plundered ancient ruins. It was many years later that Churchill created the Blue Wheel Merchant company, alongside a small band of merchants and sell swords he has reached a turning point in his efforts. Now he has the ability to take revenge toward the dark forces that ruined his life and he is more than willing to make gold off of it.   For each bit of knowledge and power bestowed upon him by the devil Chruchill must make a pact with the devil. In doing so Churchill has taken the title "Lord", shaved his beard, and wears gaudy jewelry and clothing. He has also performed minor request that have in turn caused great evils. The worst was him stealing a horse that caused a messenger to be late and a life be lost needlessly. But with each humiliation, shame, and sin he walks ever forward in hopes his dark acts lead him toward a better world on whole.   Ever spiteful the "Lord" Steeltop has spent years studying his masters notes and recreated the ritual to summon the monster that tainted his masters legacy. The demon returned to this world but instead of finding supplication Churchill and his devilish sponsor captured the Demon. From there he sealed the creature away in thirteen suits of armor, using the demon's own powers to trap and empower armor. He now seeks to profit off of his dark artifacts and seal away more demons as a way of getting rich and punishing the creatures who slew his love.


Churchill apprenticed under the late Master Artisan Skorfoli Drakehead who was said to be one of the greatest craftsman of the age. After his exile he worked with various adventuring parties learning from them when he did not learn on the job.


Apprentice to Master Skorfoli Drakehead
Member of the Blue Hound Adventuring Group
Member of the Broken Wheel Delvers
Founder of the Blue Wheel Merchants

Accomplishments & Achievements

Churchill Steeltop is a master craftsman and retired adventurer. His knowledge of arcane and dark magic make him one of the leading experts on demons and devils.

Failures & Embarrassments

Churchill was instrumental in starting the War of Golen and has had his name removed from all Dwarven records. Any dwarf from Golen who recognizes him will likely become hostile or react unfavorably. He is also deeply ashamed of the play that was based on the War of Golen and made by humans, mostly due to the fact they gave him a love interest.

Mental Trauma

After the War of Golen Churchill has become obsessed with punishing, harming, and destroying all demons he finds. He has taken life and death risks to further his chances and to gain the needed resources to enact his revenge.

Morality & Philosophy

Churchill will do anything he believe will further the greater good. His plans and choices have led him down dark paths that he has no qualms with if it will support his project.


Churchill will not willingly let a demon survive unless it is likely he will die. Even then if there is a chance of him surviving he will risk his own well being to purge all demons from this world. He will also deny the existence of Kovrec Kraghand as will any Dwarf aware of his exile.

Wealth & Financial state

Churchill Steeltop is the owner of the Bluewheel Company which has made a name for itself selling rare arcane artifacts and funding many successful adventurer expeditions.
Current Location
Deep Brown
Deep Brown
113 lbs
Aligned Organization

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