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Bluewheel Company


Churchill Steeltop is the owner and manager with several lieutenants specialized for their jobs. Tehas Allson is head of security, Churchill's right hand, and bodyguard she is assumed to be human but is never seen without her armor. She manages the guards and any mercenaries/adventurers hired to protect the caravan. Jahey "Caboose" Mikhale is head of transportation and a Half-Orc Druid who uses his magic to ensure the caravan moves freely no matter the environment and organizes the teamsters. Puck Lavernius the Halfling Bard is head of entertainment, and while his womanizing ways can get in the way of his job he has talked down bar brawls and convinced Goblins to surrender with only his words. Surprisingly his cooking skills almost match his ability to brag and has organized a team of cooks to feed the large company. The twins Cassidy and Fleur Starfall are heads of materials, their half-elf eyes and tongues able to find the best resources and haggle for the most profitable deals. They have also parlayed their skills onto the hawkers who have used the twin's insight to better sell the products the caravan manages to get a hold of. Finally there is Oggie and Shrut, the only other dwarf in the caravan and his polar bear familiar, while they are not as social as the rest of the company they manage the animals with only a few others to assist.

Public Agenda

The Bluewheel Merchants are a simple band of traveling merchants that buy and sell goods as well as fund adventuring parties.


The Bluewheel while small has a great wealth in resources that are easily transportable. With letters of credit to many kingdoms as well as favors owed the merchant caravan can move about freely through almost any country. Their greatest investment is the caravan itself with carts, tents, and portable work spaces that allow for their operation to run smoothly no matter where they may be. And while the company itself is small their numbers are well equipped with arms and armor best suited for their needs.


After working through several teams of adventurers Churchill Steeltop made a name for himself being level headed and proficient in battle and business. While not all of his adventures succeeded blame never fell upon Churchill's shoulders. As a junior member of the Blue Hound Adventuring Group and a senior member of the Broken Wheel Delvers Churchill made his wealth plundering tombs and fighting off armies of the undead.   As Lord Steeltop gained fame and notoriety as well as wealth he gathered similar thinking individuals from his previous parties to pool their wealth in order to make the Bluewheel company. This had the benefit of improving their overall wealth without having the need to endangering themselves as much as they had before. Using Lord Steeltop's crafting skills and the former adventurers knowledge of dungeons and their risks the Bluewheel company made a name for themselves outfitting heroes in return for a share of the profits. The company also began smuggling specific goods into locations deemed too dangerous to risk national resources with their name becoming popular among spymasters and desperate criminals.   The Company is everywhere as well as nowhere, as an organization with no interest in public scrutiny the Bluewheel Company is always on the move with their caravan traveling from town to town, nation to nation, and job to job.

Financial, Merchant League
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