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40% Human
34% Half-Elf
14% Elf
12% Other


A colony to the Azure Republic the city is sworn to the Republic and receives protection and various resources. The mayor is elected every three years and is currently held by Mayor Ballot. Two representatives are sent to the Republic to represent the island within the Senate.   Marshal Croop is the leader of the military within Cobalt and manages an standing army of over two thousand.   Lamur Incog is the Sheriff of Cobalt and manages the town's watch along side his deputies. Sheriff Incog has held the job for two dozen years being appointed by the last mayor and kept on through the newest mayor.


The wall cover the city by the island side while the ocean is covered from the Azure navy. The walls are made from enchanted wood made as hard as stone and resistant to fire. While the military is based within the city to protect it from threats without there is a large force of guardsman who protect the city from threats from within.

Industry & Trade

Many people are interested to harvest from the island of Forbuho to gather riches to bolster the armies of the Azure Republic. Most of the artifacts and riches from the reign of the Queen are divested of their wealth to be sold to the various countries and funnel the gold back to the Republic. Soldiers have become the greatest resource within the island and most trade either promotes the war efforts in some way.


  • The City Senate
  • The Tower of Arcana (Arcane college)
  • The Bazaar: The grand marketplace and heart of the merchants quarter
  • The Fletchery: a workshop of an elf blacksmith named Koda
  • The Stained Grounds (Sheriff's Office and Courthouse)
  • The Port Market: a small gathering of traders who make deals with ships coming and going
  • The Woodcarvers Guild Hall: A large building of timber decorated with arcane etchings
  • Theatre of Spirits: A grand half-timbered theatre and center of the entertainment district
  • The Burning Arrow: An elegant adventurer's tavern, decorated with wards against the undea.

Guilds and Factions

  • The Authority: The Mayor oversees the majority of the city's power with the aid of the Sheriff
  • The Merchants Guild: run by Vaseen the Poor a cunning merchant and smuggler they control most of the trade within the city
  • Cerulean: A secret society that promotes independence from the Republic for the city of Cobalt


When the Great Sage first brought word of the island to the masses it was the quick thinking of the Senate that sent expeditionary forces to bolster the Republic's dwindling coffers. The first expedition was nearly wiped out as few were prepared for the unique curse of te island and the power of the local fauna. It took a year before the beachhead was established as a permanent outpost allowing the timber and riches found to be shipped back to the Republic.   As the city began to grow word of a ship being taken and a military force sent from another settlement. Having taken settlers from the Republic the War for Forbuho began. In the hundred years this outpost is now reinforced by the resources it harvested and the many who gather to seek the riches of the island. In time the outpost became a small town which grew into a significant city and as the people born within Cobalt are given the right to send representation it is months between message from those sent over and years before any others are appointed to represent the island.


Cobalt uses a combination of elven woodshaping and human houses. Most of the city uses the natural shape of the lands to create natural roads that run through the city. This makes the layout somewhat chaotic but thanks to druidic shapers of the wild the city looks to be more a tiered forest with houses built to resemble natural shapes. Thanks to the human influence many homes now have highly colorful woodwork that makes each building unique and allows those unfamiliar with the city to navigate without a guide.


Settled on the western end of the island surrounded by a the jungle. While the city has cleared much of the surrounding jungle it is the nearby plains hat make the location a viable foothold on the island. The surrounding coast has many hidden rocks that can sink an unwary ship forcing much of the port deeper into the sea to protect what ships that seek the city.

Natural Resources

Wood from the nearby jungle is in high demand as well as several fields that have been converted into farmland. While there are a great many natural resources deeper within the island the curse within the island makes harvesting these resources much more difficult. While the cost has little else that has not been already plundered.
Alternative Name(s)
Elfland, Blue town, Port Azure
Outpost / Base
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