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Liathas Ballot

Mayor Liathas Ballot

Physical Description

Body Features

Known for his fair elvish skin and sinewy body that moves with grace and detail. Slightly smaller than the average elf Liathas has begun to become more rotund in age though he wears his weight well.

Identifying Characteristics

Across his body is a patchwork of healed scars that can be covered by most clothing. The Mayor is also known for his good looks and voice that covers a wide vocal range.

Physical quirks

Mayor Ballot likes to rub his wedding ring whenever he

Apparel & Accessories

The Mayor often will wear a Hydrangea prominently over his heart to show his party affiliation and rank while he wears long sleeved and stylish clothing that covers most of his body.

Specialized Equipment

Liathas is specialized in small arms and poisons though his skills have become somewhat rusty due to disuse. His talent with lute and his singing on the other hand are known far and wide.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Liathas' father Anthas was an assassin and revolutionary who killed key figures to end the battle of Azure and help found the republic. Having grew up against the backdrop of a major military conflict that affected much of the elder Ballot's life Liathas' childhood was replicated to make the son just like the father. Liathas was accustomed to little food, moving from one home to another, and living in constant fear of attacks from his father who would use healing potions to prevent his son from dying. Anthas passed what he knew to his son who in turn ran away from home to become a bard as soon as he came of age.   Traveling across the world Liathas learned a little bit of everything from the various professionals whom he found in each city. For a time the young Ballot drifted till he found himself on the island of Forbuho and the city of Cobalt. There he fell instantly in love with a young elf girl by the name of Arryn Kraft the daughter to Mayor Kraft. After wooing Arryn Liathas went to her father for his approval and her hand in marriage. Disgusted by the vagabond who would only sully his daughter and their family name Mayor Kraft threw the man out of his home and forbid his daughter from seeing the bard.   Liathas was outraged but still madly in love with the lovely Arryn and would not give up. Instead he decided to beat her father at his own game and began plans for stealing the election from Mayor Kraft. Using the skills his father taught him Liathas infiltrated various locations to gather all the secrets of the Mayor and his administration. While Mayor Kraft was not evil the man had fallen prey to vanity and took some bribes from the various people for favorable positions within the government. Liathas used what evidence to secretly undermine the current Mayor and remove the rich backers who kept him elected, a few sent various thugs to remove the nosey bard but none were able to match the skills of a trained assassin. Utilizing his talent as a bard Liathas turned the city to his side and won over the majority of the vote to become the Mayor. Liathas married Arryn soon thereafter and while his father-in-law was still against the marraige he knew that Liathas could expose his crimes so instead the former Mayor fled to the Azure Republic. He has won every election since and few locals ever run against him.


Liathas Ballot is a trained assassin and bard. Having been trained since childhood to be the republic's weapon Liathas rejected his father's destiny and fled the Republic. Liathas traveled across the world and trained as an apprentice to well over a dozen different masters who taught him everything from magic to martial swordplay. Liathas excelled at and enjoyed his training as a bard and learned a dozen different instruments.


  • Caravan Cook
  • Caravan Guard
  • Apprentice Bard
  • Journeyman Bard
  • Mayor

Mental Trauma

Liathas was tortured by his father to be molded into an assassin at a young age. While Liathas was stubborn and held strong enough convictions to keep himself from following in his father's footsteps the scars both physical and mental are still there and will occasionally give him nightmares.


While Liathas is a trained killer he will not kill for any reason save to protect himself or those he loves. Liathas will also refuse to hire anyone else to kill for him.

Chaotic Good
Current Location
Biological Sex
161 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
This will be as easy as do-re-mi.
Known Languages
Liathas Ballot has been trained to understand several languages and can speak elf-tongue and man-tongue fluently as well as within various accents depending on the region.

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