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Baron Saturday

Baron Samuel Saturday

Physical Description

Body Features

Even for a Halfing past his prime the Baron of the Bay is an almost peek physical specimen for his species. Beneath the clothing however is a map of scars that lead you to his life of fights and near fatal mistakes.

Identifying Characteristics

Samuel has taken a liking to the Drow style and fashion and is attempting to make it a new trend within the port. While out and about Samuel will be painted up with black and white paints in the form of a skull. That being said the rest of his clothing choice is a horrible mashing of Halfling court and Drow death warrior making him look more of a macabre jester than anything else.

Physical quirks

Samuel is getting on in age and even with his dark gift he is not immune to the ravages of time. Jumping out of the third story of a building to avoid an assassin left Samuel with a limp and serious pains on cold rainy days.

Special abilities

Samuel has enhanced physical traits making him among the most able bodied halflings within the world. His is also immune to all non-magical poisons and diseases. Each successive tithe to the Bloody Coin has granted more physical, mental, and social skills as well as raw unnatural talent. Upon taking control of the family the next ritual offering granted super natural abilities over those close to death, allowing Samuel to choose to kill or save those near death's door.

Apparel & Accessories

Top hat, black tail coat, and dark glasses. He carries a cane topped with a pseudo-dragon skull.

Specialized Equipment

An expert rouge and natural leader with both innate and supernatural talent Samuel can pick a pocket or slip a dagger into an unsuspecting bystander or order anyone within his organization with no question.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to the infamous Saturday Crime Family Samuel was raised by the harsh Matriarch of the clan, Dame Saturday. Along with the countless family members the Saturday family were known as powerful criminals. Raised with high expectations Samuel was trained in all manner of criminal activity to find his prowess and make his wealth among.   When Samuel came of age he was allowed to make his first offering to the Bloody Coin, offering most of his wealth he gained a stronger body and constitution and ability to withstand many poisons, though in truth all he told his family was his increased physical prowess. It was shortly thereafter that a faction within the family had begun to question their purpose. To some they believed that the family itself could better use their powers for the Halfing race instead of selfishly keeping their abilities to themselves. This faction grew among the younger idealistic members of the Saturday family who had grown up among the wealth and excess as well as seen the criminal acts that the family had to do to keep power. Some came to turn Samuel but he stayed loyal to the family, turning the dissidents over to his mother.   But eventually a coup was thrown as the inner circle of the family were poisoned by Samuel's sister Kalisa, luckily Samuel was immune to the effects though he put on a good act for his sister. Before the traitorous sibling could claim the family's artifact Samuel had escaped into the depths of the Saturday family mansion and stole the Bloody Coin. With the coin in his hands he quickly rallied the loyal members of the family and ended the coup. Samuel spent a lot of gold and much of the good will the family had made to end the civil war among within the ranks of the family. In the end he offered the remaining dissidents a choice of exile as he sold off most of the families land and resources and chose to leave their ancestral home for Forbuho.   While in Forbuho he used the family's remaining wealth and power to take over the city and start anew. Within several years the Saturday family had gone from destitute crooks to rich and corrupt politicians. With the vast wealth that is funneled too and from Forbuho via the Bay of Wrecks the family has become more prosperous than ever. Samuel has just begun to relax as Baron within the city when his youngest daughter was killed. Horrible scarred by the loss of yet another family member Samuel has taken her death hard and is beginning to fray among the edges. There are whispers among the family as to his stability but the wounds are still fresh.


Samuel was raised among other Saturday thieves, con men, and assassins were he learned how best to put his skills and granted abilities to use. After several successful jobs stealing from merchants he was apprenticed under a master second-story man who taught him the skills to be an expert thief.


Trained by experts and on the job Samuel began as a pickpocket and rose among the ranks to become an accomplished burgler. He would have remained middling were it not for the civil war within the family, after the death of his mother it was Samuel who took charge of the family and ended the war. After the war Samuel took the family to Forbuho where they infiltrated the higher offices among the city till Samuel won the election and became Baron of the Bay of Wrecks.

Mental Trauma

Samuel could not prevent the civil war within his family and was forced to kill of a great number of family members. To this day he desperately clings to his remaining family and does his best to keep them in positions outside of dangerous situations when possible.

Intellectual Characteristics

Samuel cold hearted and resolute. This allows him to plan for the future and make tough decisions though a part of him has a soft spot for his close family.

Morality & Philosophy

Samuel will lie, cheat, steal, and kill for the family. He knows his soul is damned but so long as the family itself prospers he hopes to build a large enough organization that his descendants would not need to barter for power.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Baron of the Bay of Wrecks and Leader of the Saturday Crime Family.
Current Residence
Baron's Estate in the Bay of Wrecks
Biological Sex
Short Black
Aligned Organization
Saturday Crime Family

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