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Bakieh, the Jewel City of the Marshes, is capital of the Morsii province of Victellus and the largest city upon the continent. Founded by the Armorta people over 3000 years ago as a small village, Bakieh grew to an impressive trade city throughout the first and second millennium. It was conquered by the Sura Empire in the 15th century, but has continued to hold a preeminent position among the cities of Victellus since.   Today it is home to the Neratoria Cunia, the world's largest bank, as well as large naval fleets and the Aisu Trading Guild's Suran headquarters. The ships of Bakieh connect all the cities of Victellus and Terrosea, and bring great wealth back to the city.   Due to its rich trading business, the markets of Bakieh are legendary, and perhaps second only to the markets of Juventius - selling all the goods that filter back from its trader's distant trips. Spices, enchantments, Vis and Ytherin, exotic fabrics and rare animals, artifacts and books of all sorts.


Bakieh today is ruled by the Prince of Bakieh, a title held by the House Ermitia. The house are largely absent overlords, preferring their country homes to the city's offerings. As such, a city council elected by the trading families of Bakieh handles day to day considerations, subject to Ermitia veto.

Industry & Trade

Bakieh is largely focused upon trade. With few natural resources worth exploiting, the city long ago progressed to a center of capital not goods. Here, many of the greatest trading families of Sura have made their home. Its convenient port has made it highly successful, for trade ships can moor at the very foot of the cities walls most of the year, and the Armortan willingness to travel extreme distances in search of profit.


Bakieh is built upon a semi-artificial island within brine marshes. Here, like most Armortan cities, it is protected by a intricate system of flood walls and gates. During summer, as the tides lower, the water around the city is drained and quick growing crops planted in the fertile silt. By autumn, it floods again and water reaches the city walls for the rest of the year. Great walls encircle the city, protecting it from the rising flood waters in spring when melting ice from upstream floods into the marshes and mangroves. The city has several ports, which allow ships to reach the very steps of the city to load goods. The Dax Bakieh, an ancient citadel, sits at the center of the city - occupied today by the Neratoria Cunia. During the rare occasions where the walls are breached, the raised citadel serves as evacuation for the city denizens.
Large city
Owning Organization


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Jul 6, 2018 01:57 by Sai & Tyme

I’m really digging the flood wall system and how it serves the city’s agricultural purposes as well as protection! For evacuation, is there a hidden tunnel under the citadel for them to escape?

Jul 6, 2018 02:06 by Xanthuss

Due to the marshy ground of the area, a tunnel would probably be an enormous undertaking - the ground of the area is nearly perpetually wet, and so probably not very stable. So if it comes to evacuating to the citadel, it would be a siege of who could last the longest. Of course, the invaders would have to time themselves well. If they invaded by land in summer, they'd be flooded out come autumn and if they invaded by sea the rest of the year, summer they'll be stranded.

Jul 6, 2018 04:36 by Sai & Tyme

Ah that makes sense! I wasn't sure if it was a last one standing kind of scenario or if there was an escape route. Thank you for the clarification!

Jul 6, 2018 07:15 by Xanthuss

I was partially inspired by the Athenian acropolis, and the sieges we studied in Ancient Civs in high school I must admit.

Jul 6, 2018 01:58

I like the image of a city in the marshes, and how seasonal changes affect trade.

Jul 6, 2018 02:06 by Xanthuss

thank you <3

Jul 6, 2018 06:13

Makes me think of the Nile, which is... well, it's a nice place to put a city, that's for sure. Though I might think you could possibly dredge a channel to allow at least some ships to dock year-round.

Jul 6, 2018 07:16 by Xanthuss

I did think about that, but I imagine in that period the ships probably head out for summer trips long distance so they're not back until the water returns.

Jul 6, 2018 04:53

I enjoyed the explanation about the nobility and the trading families. I like that you left it open, as it seems there may be a potential for internal conflict or a power struggle between the quasi-bourgeois merchant families and the absent nobility.

Jul 6, 2018 07:17 by Xanthuss

thank you. I plan to have my first D&D campaign with friends begin in Bakieh, so I liked to leave that a bit open.

Jul 6, 2018 05:54 by Heath O'Donnell

A very good city article Isaac! I like that it is a bit shorter than some of your others have been in the past, but also does a great job of getting the information necessary across. Maybe a breakdown of the demographics of the city?

Jul 6, 2018 07:16 by Xanthuss

Thanks Heath. I must admit demographics are a weak spot right now, because I haven't actually figured out what ethnic groups and species populate most of the Sura Empire's provinces.

Jul 6, 2018 06:14

Minor nitpick, you wrote 'where the walls are beached' instead of 'breached'.

Jul 6, 2018 07:17 by Xanthuss

whoops. ty