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A settlement in the dangerous mountain passes between the tropical southeastern subcontinent of Dore and the northwestern half of the continent. Formed around a small pond fed a fresh water tributary from the mountains.


The resident populations of Oasis are traditionally composed of varied species and ethnicises , though with the Sumatese occupation their soldiers and support personnel compose an increasing percentage of the population.


While governed by a local council, the residents of Oasis make no illusion to the Kingdom of Sumont's total control of the small town.


Building off of the ancient bridges, the Kingdom of Sumont has constructed defensive buildings at the entrances to the town. These defenses include watch towers, gate houses, walls with parapets, murder holes and more.


There exist two massive ancient bridges that lead into the canyon, Bridging the rocks and paths into the town, making travel by cart in and out of the town possible.
Recently there have been efforts to reduce the need for imported food by constructing greenhouses on the steppes surrounding the town.


Despite the occupation and restricted travel Oasis is still a hub of trade. Spices and fruits from the subcontinent can be found here, and supplies travelers who cannot afford to travel between the subcontinents by sea.


Historically Oasis was little more than a traders camp and halfway point when making the treacherous crossing between Dore's subcontinents. As trade increased in the Age of the Mage Kings the itinerant camp became a permanent settlement. In the modern age, the city has been occupied by the Kingdom of Sumont, which has added fortifications to the city, restricting the traditionally free trade that occurred there.


Much of the traditional buildings are constructed of stacked and mortared shale. Many of these old buildings are simplistic and only offer minimal protection from the cold nights of the Durecoles. New buildings, including the walls, towers, gate houses, grainery, and barracks constructed by the Sumatese are built in the classical style of the kingdom with imported limestone.


Oasis is situated within a wide canyon bend. The town is divided into two steppes, the lower containing actual Oasis itself, the upper containing the two only two easily traversable paths out of the city to the east and west.

Natural Resources

The only useful natural resource contained within Oasis is fresh water. Even farming is difficult in the dusty plateaus above the village.
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