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Trade island gale

The trade island is a city off the coast of the land of beasts. It's name is Gale. It is a large trade area because most of the trade happens there. There are people all over the world like miners from the vortex and smiths from the land of fire and ash. That area is were most trade is in te world it is surrounded by vast oceans. There is lots of security on the island even though there is not a lot of robbers in the area. There are some dragons at the island that set up a shop and sell things they make. Dwarves, elves, elementals, asimars, humans, and triton mostly live there. The island has a lake in the middle and four streams of water pour out into the sea and there are several briges to get to the different sections. The four rivers are called emerald creek, thundering river, snaking river, and dragon breath river. There are also libraries that have lots of books and there are trees lots of trees. The biggest tree ever to be recorded there, it is the tree in the center of the lake on a tiny island. It is called the Doren. It looks like it has a face but it is just a tree. People say but it looks kind of alive in a way. An old wizard that lives there named Dlare says that the tree is the tree of power. The wizard only comes out at the time of the Dorlin festival wich is the festival to celebrate of the god of power.


It is owned by the government of the land of beasts but a some one is in charge of the island. The name of the person that takes care of the island is Zondo a human.
There are about ten hundred permanent people there

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